Grant Davis


Benjamin Stenlund


Season 6 – Round 8 of Iron Builder
– starting June 5th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 8 of Iron Builder!

Grant is returning for the third time – will it be his last?

Who will win? Our defending Iron Champion Grant Davis or our challenger Benjamin Stenlund?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Vehicle, Spoiler 2 x 4 with Bar Handle in sand blue. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

The Bluesand Construction Company

Hey Grant, what are you doing, sleeping on the jobsite? We’ve got building to do.

The Blue Sand Viper

Sssssstill sssssssleeping, Grant? Better watch your ssssssstep, you might get bit!

The Experiment

No sleeping over here! Just trying to contain a monster far more deadly than a snake!

Don’t tread on me

With all these creatures about, you had better tread carefully! You can tank me for the advice later. I’m gunning for victory here, myself.


Your last build left me a little shell-shocked! Not to worry though, mine is still in tact and heading slowly for the finish line.

The Old Mill

If your tortoise is thirsty after all that walking, he can feel free to mill around in my pond. But I hope you’re not feeling the grind, yet, Grant!

Oh, and the water wheel is motorized and can spin. Check out the video.

The Legolex Sand Collection

Thanks for watching, folks! It is now time to hear a word from one of our premier sponsors, the Legolex Sand Collection by everyone’s favorite luxury watch company!

A Modern Study

Why don’t you have a seat and take some time to think about how to step up your game. Personally, I will be climbing to victory!

Every builder needs a garage

No wonder you have been so slow at building – you’ve been lounging about and watching the birds! I’ve been out working in the shop, making some sawsome builds.

The Blue Beetle Brigade

That’s great Benjamin, but you aren’t going to have any wood to use if you don’t first deal with this insect infestation! Now quit bugging me and get back to building.

Crossing the Rubicon

Beetles are cool, but it takes a Jeep to cross the mountains. I think I can see your chances of victory dwindling far off on the horizon, Grant, but it’s so small from up here. Better start climbing, or are you like a bicycle and too tired?

Robots make poor life choices

I’m getting ready to clean up this competition with my 51-MO/CS robot. Fairly certain those are Grant’s tears on the floor of Bay 51…

Life On The Rocks

You think you’re cool because your Jeep can climb over rocks? Silly Benjamin, I LIVE on the rocks. Prepare to sleep with the fishes!

(Also those tears are tears of JOY!)