John Snyder


Joss Woodyard


Season 6 – Round 5 of Iron Builder
– starting February 20th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 5 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion John Snyder or our challenger Joss Woodyard?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Technic Cable Connector in green. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! This round will come down to the wire!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

An Element of Discovery

Look no feather, we’ve discovered the winner of this round already. Though we may as well headdress the elephant in the room – it’s time for some element exploration!

Waia Konekta

A warrior approaches, for what is a headdress without one worthy to bear it? Waia Konekta thinks you out of your element… Technic is his domain…

Mechanical Advantage

Technic you say? Well I’ve geared up and now am ready to spring into the lead! You’re crazy if you think I’ll lever quit.

Cable Clip Chameleon

You have yet to see my true colours… Here’s a flashy critter to scale the leaderboard. But make no mistake, this chameleon won’t blend into the background, he’s here to stand out.

Terror’s Spawn

What a cute creature! Eye hope he’s wary of the danger spawning in the dark, else this may be his last encounter. Sometimes blending in is your only chance of surviving to hatch another plan.

Hey There Farmer!

Oh Deere, Joss seems to have baled out. This must have been the straw to break the chameleon’s back. I know seed part challenges can be tough, but I’m farming this part for all it’s worth. You could even say I’m having a hayday with it!


I may have been dragon the chain for a bit, but I’ll have you retractor your previous statements. You can’t clip my wings, because I’m ready to soar back into the lead!