Kit Nugent


Caleb Schilling


Season 6 – Round 13 of Iron Builder
– starting August 6th!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Friends Horse Saddle in dark azure. 

Now our two contestants have 15 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

“Now I’m the King of the Builders …

Have you gibbon up already? While you’ve been monkeying around with wedding anniversaries, I’ve swung fur ahead and finished a build! You’re bananas to think that you will be chimpion. I’m staying on my throne a little longer

Open for Business

Monkeying around, you say? Nonsense. I simply took some time to stop and smell the roses. I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I be-leaf this build might get you shaking on your iron throne. While I wasn’t so sure about this saddle piece at first, I’m clover my doubts now, so best watch out! Thistle be a tight race….

6057: Sea Serpent – Redux

Giving me time to post two entries in a row? Whatever floats your boat!

The Iron Sentinel

Stop pushing my buttons with these speedy builds, you better slow down otherwise you’ll sail off course. I’m taking down the competition with this marvelous monster, who’ll leave you feeling sea sick. You’re going to be in ruins at the end of this, rust in piece!

The Golden Rider

Rein it in with the puns! You’re always trying to stirrup trouble. My attempt at using saddles on this steed to not make a saddle should certainly get you off your high horse. But that’s enough foaling around for me. Time to go to sleep!

From the Desert Comes a Stranger

Our duel has only just begun, Kit! I choose Cad Bane as my champion. I mean, he always wins. Wait, he does always win, right…?

A Minifigures’s House is His Castle

You know what they say: stranger danger! I’d be careful walking the desert alone, that’s a rookie mistake. I’d invite you here – the view is great, that is if you don’t turn blue from the height ore can you withstand this castle in the sky?

Moaning Myrtle

I hate to burst your bubble, Kit, but I found this un-boo-lievable use for our seed part!

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?

Come on, there’s no need to cry about it. Stop being sharkastic, I feel you’re biting off more you can chew and, once I’m finished, you’ll be swimming with the sharks!