What is Iron Builder?

Iron Builder is the ultimate LEGO building competition! It is all about unexpected seed parts, amazingly talented builders and creative piece usage!

In exciting one on one duels builders compete for the coveted Iron Builder title – and one of four thrones. Once won, they will have to defend their throne against new challengers longing to prove themselves.

An Iron Builder duel lasts for 16 days and requires competitors to use a specific seed part in new and exciting ways, resulting in 7 or more creations per builder.
Builders receive 100 seed part elements per person at the beginning of the round – no need to worry about sourcing more on short notice!

Once the round is over an expert jury of three experienced builders from the community will crown the winner – and the (new) Iron Builder! After three wins Iron Builders are allowed to retire into the Iron Builder Hall of Fame.

Who are the current Iron Builders?

There are only four Iron Builders at any given time – four outstanding LEGO builders that have successfully claimed or defended their throne.

The current Iron Builders are:

Jonah Schultz

Sandro Quattrini

Justus Morgenthal

Duncan Lindbo

How can I compete in Iron Builder?

Iron Forge offers the exciting opportunity of competing in Iron Builder – provided you come out on top. Prove your worth in multiple one-week challenges with different seedparts, facing off against some of the best builders out there and see if you have what it takes!

Iron Forge is hosted once a year and kicks of the year each and every January.
Join the discord channel to be up to date!

Any other questions?

Iron Builder and Iron Forge are hosted by Cecilie Fritzvold, Jordan Jivkov, Simon Liu and Markus Rollbühler over on discord. Feel free to join our helpful community should you have any questions or are looking to become a better builder!

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