Joe Minieri


Justus Morgenthal


Season 6 – Round 16 of Iron Builder – starting August 26th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 16 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Joe Minieri or our challenger Justus Morgenthal?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Minifig Handcuffs in pearl gold. 

Now our two contestants have 14 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle that is Iron Builder Justus! I hope this build doesn’t ruin your day, but these rounds can be pretty savage.

The Crown

While you sirched for treasures, I have been working on a little poem, Joe. It’s about this “Game of Iron Builder Thrones”:

Oh, Iron Builder on your Throne,
Oh, king of power, widely known.
Don’t underestimate the danger,
Coming from a little stranger!

A builder, Justus, yet unknown,
Harbors ambitions for your crown!
Embrace your destiny my friend:
Your reign might now come to an end!

The Office

I spent the day working in on this office. What about you? Did you take a day off? Looks like you still have some room for improvement in terms of building speed!

An Exquisite Dinning Room

We can table discussions as to what I have been up to. I’ve been planning to pull the rug out from under you! You will need more than a balding king to dethrone me!


Hey Joe, wanna sea my latest MOC or do you have other fish to fry? I took a deep dive into marine biology and discovered this wonderful “Semaeostona Lapidis” jellyfish.

French Man of War

You may have thought you could make me jelly with your last build, but our friendship is only beginning! Your speed is putting more wind in my sails and I think you will sea I’m here to put up a fight!

Tree Frog

I seem to have leapt ahead of you in the build count! This is certainly a treet! While I’m enjoying branching out with new build styles you seem to have frogotten about this competition!

The Bakery

Your half-baked mockery will not make me see (b)red! So far this competition has been a piece of cake for me – you won’t upset me so easily, Joe!

Violet Star

I’m gunning to keep my title and won’t leave any space on the throne. Don’t worry I’ll keep blasting out new builds at this pace till the end! Even if I run low on ideas, I can always wing it.

P.S. my First Order of business after Iron Builder needs to be buying a storm trooper since I couldn’t do your sig fig Justus

El Dorado [GBC]

Your teasing will not get me off track, Joe! Today is my 18th birthday but I’ll stay on the ball: This competition got rolling one week ago so our round is halfway through already!

Walk in the Park

Happy Birthday Justus! Sorry I couldn’t leaf you alone today. I hope your celebrations don’t make you fall behind. You will need to build a little faster if you want to bridge the gap between us.


Hey Joe, I hope my lizard doesn’t saddle you with pressure but I think we had a deal to both build a Constraction MOC this round, right? You know what you gotta duo now!

Wagon Ride

This round has been a wild ride! I’ve had enough horsing around and wanted to get moving. Can you handle the heat or will you desert this competition?

Vantastic RV [Working Suspension]

Nice wagon, but for traveling I prefer this vantastic RV! I know, the seed part usage isn’t very obvious at first glance so I recarded a short video to demonstrate the working seed part suspension!

The Idol

Idoln’t know how your Constraction MOC is doing, but you better hurry up with it. Remember: We only god three days left!

Sea Serpent

You will need more than a puny idol to save you from my devouring serpent! I plan to steer a straight path to victory and not slither about. I plan to stay the (vi)king on the throne!


Terminus, Joe! It’s been a long, sometimes arduous trip, but I think we’ve had a tramendous time, right? However, time flies and it’s time for us to get off (s)now. Thanks to all who watched and to you, Joe, for this wonderful Iron Builder round!

Iron Carousel

Justus, it’s been an amusing journey, but I have one last build to park here. Your last build shows you have been training hard! In my estimation this has been a fair (merry go) round!

All heard the loud bell, on the Iron Carousel,
It tolled to announce the round was done
And let the challengers rest while the sun
Was still up for both had stayed
Up far too late for their builds to be made

Closing entry! It was a great round and I think we both made a good job. We animated each other to leave our comfort zones and we have always gifen our best. Now it’s time for the judges to decide, who of us will catapult himself on the Iron Throne.

Try to make up for a bit of sleep deprivation, re-sort your parts collection and most importantly: recover a bit from the stress!

Round 16 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!

Francis Wiemelt

Hubba Blöoba

First off, I want to congratulate both Joe and Justus for completing a round of Iron Builder! I can imagine the relief that comes with wrapping up those intense few weeks, and I must say, it was as exciting as ever to watch both of your minds wrestle with the seed part. The puns were, of course, top notch as well, the cherry on top to an already delightful round.

Seed Part Usage – I’m basing my scoring criteria off the concept of using the seed part as an integral piece of the build. For each build of the round, I’m asking the question “would this build work without the seed part, and how much does the seed part add to this build?” In other words, I’m looking at whether the seed part has been thoughtfully incorporated, rather than being used as a piece that was just added on to a build as something extra – for example, a decorative element that could be easily replaced by some other intricate combination of pearl gold pieces.

Throughout the round, it seemed to me that Joe leaned towards using the seed part for its decorative abilities (see the “French Man of War” or the “Violet Star,” for example), while Justus consistently incorporated it as an essential part of his builds. For example, I was really impressed by Justus’ use of the part’s slight flexing abilities in his RV build (utilizing a unique feature of the handcuff piece), as well as how he interlocked the element to create realistic jellyfish tendrils. Therefore, I’d give seed part usage to Justus.

Build Quality – Both builders excelled in the techniques used in each of their entries. While I’m a fan of the smaller, intricate builds that Justus produced, I’m also equally impressed by the scale at which Joe was able to build in many of his entries, especially with the fast pace of Iron Builder!

Therefore, this category ultimately comes down to presentation. In the end, I found myself more impressed by Justus’ crisp photos, cleaner edits, more professional and dynamic lighting, particularly in his builds “The Bakery” and “Terminus,” which look like scenes straight out of a movie! Justus’ overall sense of composure when compared directly to Joe’s builds also left a stronger impression on me, where in Joe’s I often wasn’t impressed by the edits or lighting. That being said, Iron Builder is an extremely fast paced and demanding competition, and I think both builders did an amazing job for such a short timeframe!

Performance – this was a difficult category to judge, as I feel like both Joe and Justus excelled in this area! Joe’s builds featured so many little easter eggs and challenges for the viewer, such as trying to find the Rolli mouse in each of his builds, which elevated the entertainment value of his builds. Justus, on the other hand, did extremely well in the varied builds area of this category; from detailed immersive scenes to constraction builds to microscale wonders, Justus’ versatility was displayed perfectly in this round. For the overall enjoyment of each of the contestant’s performances, Justus’ builds consistently left a lasting impact on me. Therefore, although this was probably the closest category in my mind, I’ll have to give performance to Justus.

You guys are both incredible builders, and you put on a great round! Until next time!

Mansur "Waffles" Soeleman


And that is another Iron Builder round in the books! They just creep up on you by surprise, and they sure crept up on Joe and Justus with a worthy challenge.
The seed part - the golden handcuffs - was a strange piece in which it is a bendy piece of Minifigure utensil, but proves useful because of its attachment points. In the usual light-bluish grey, it would be a greebling part for us space builder, but in pearl gold? I would be stumped. However, Joe and Justus saw plenty of uses for them.

Parts Usage:
The gold handcff saw a variety of uses from both builders. All of them take advantage of its decorative nature, and many builds managed to incorporate them structurally. Some of the highlights for me are Justus's jellyfish, which uses the handcuffs very innovatively as lappets, and the gold colour somehow fits for a strange exotic sea creature. Joe's Violet Star starfighter is also a favourite for me, finally someone used this as greebling! But what really impressed me was Justus using the flexibility of the handcuff as working suspension for his Vantastic RV!

Build Quality:
As is tradition with Iron Builder, both builders proved their metal. Joe, the veteran champion did Iron Builder like Iron Builders do Iron Builder: By building different but the usual genres, while integrating some immersive builds. Looking back at past rounds, these sort of builds seem the norm – a safe bet, it seems. But a formidable challenger, young Justus threw everything he had at Joe the Iron Builder veteran, hoping something would land. His plethora of builds, albeit on the smaller scale, utilised the seed part in innovative ways, subtly demonstrating that less is more.

Both builders competed against each other and worked together very well this round. A good amount of back and forth, little challenges for the next build, and even some thematic co-operation. Not to mention some ungodly puns from both. Justus translated his smaller, vignette building style well for Iron Builder, while Joe utilised his larger scale building very well, making it easy to hide the meme legend Shirtless Woody cleverly in each entry.

For me, pinning down a winner comes down to who showcased innovation better, both with the seed part as well as overall builds. It's easy to use a spindly, greebly, gold minifigure handcuff as decoration, and both builders used them structurally and functionally. However, Justus' jellyfish and Vantastic RV really impressed me. Too many builders just don't build like that, and I would especially love to see more Iron Builds incorporating such functions. I´ll leave final rating in the hands of my fellow judges, but my contributions to the score favor the underdog - Justus!

New Elementary

Another round of Iron Builder with a feast of gorgeous looking models – and another tough call to make!

Let’s start with . The minifig handcuffs may have a rather strange and seemingly out-of-system shape, but avid builders should be no stranger to its usage as odd, peculiar details in MOCs, and I think a lot of the usage demonstrated in these entries fall under that nature. They certainly still add to the amazing models and bring life to them, but I think it’s somewhat less of a challenge when it is used as a non-integral detail, as it could also have been another funky element instead of the seed part. Therefore, when I was judging for the part usage, I tried to look for who managed to use the handcuffs in other ways that feels necessary to the concept, and for that I handed the win to Justus. Examples that I think deserve some extra points would be the crown in “The Crown”, the phone and table legs in “The Office”, the wheel structure for the pram in “The Bakery”, and of course, the working suspension in “Vantastic RV”. And an honourable mention to Joe’s “Tree Frog”, I think that entry has some really fresh take on the seed part usage as well.

For Build Quality, I have given it to Joe in the end. Both builders have made some incredible models with excellent choice of colours, but I just find myself more often in awe with the details in Joe’s entries when I went through all of them again shifting my attention away from the seed part. A particular highlight would be the clever usage of masks elements in “Sea Serpent”, and also all the little details in his first entry “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Last but not least, for the overall Performance, I have decided to give it to Justus. It was a tough call because both of your entries have rather consistently high quality, but in the end I gave Justus the win because I find his entries more diverse in terms of subject and scale, the GBC and working suspension are what ultimately made the call for me. Once again, kudos to both builders and I can’t wait to see more awesome builds from you guys in the future!

Seed Part Usage:

Build Quality:






Seed Part Usage:

Build Quality:






Seed Part Usage:

Build Quality:






The round goes to Justus