Cecilie Fritzvold


Elias Hübner


Season 6 – Round 6 of Iron Builder
– starting April 4th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 6 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Cecilie Fritzvold or our challenger Elias Hübner?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Large Figure Part Shield Holder with Axle in blue. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! Let’s see them have a shield day!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Classic Space Lunar Lander

Iron Builder has landed, I’m ready to explore this new seed piece, but we seem to be missing a part of the crew, don’t be a procrastonaut Elias, and get out here!

Bluetiful Temple

While your tiny lander got lost in some deserted place, i cleared some space for my bluetiful Temple. I’d say you pack your gear and crash here but I’m afraid you can’t handle the heat!

Iron Builder in the Making

Looks like the desert is making you hallucinate. The heat is irrelephant when I’m bringing out the kid in me.

Sunset View

Your childhood dreams are too small for this competition. Make sure you don’t get roasted while you take a time-out in my garden!

Robo Maid 2031

While you’re busy keeping a big house like that clean, I’m mopping the floor with the competition.

Classic Space Arcade

Your maid can totally continue cleaning under my lounger so I can keep blasting you into space with my builds.


Once you’ve run out of tolkiens to play your game, come relax in my shire. Don’t make it a hobbit though, we’ve got an Iron Builder to finish!

Don’t Swim With the Big Fishes

You are swimming in dangerous waters, Cecilie! Better you coral your thoughts, before I fish my way to victory.


These waters are dangerous alright, but there is always a bigger fish in the pond! Thanks for the deliciousss snack.

Seed Part Monster

Your monster bawls for cookies !!

Blue Shelled

Karting my way to victory, better not stand in the way or you’re about to get blue shelled! Driving you crazy yet? Woohooo!

Iron Tools

Better watch out where you’re headed – you don’t have the tools to repair any mishaps. Your direction ain’t bad but you lack the iron, builder!

With a View

Time to finish fencing off and bridge our differences. I’ve been looking for a nice place to spend some time relaxing, found this one with a nice view.

Medieval Market

Your prospects look rather bleak, why don’t you come to this lively market and enjoy a brighter view? I’ll meet you there – I just gotta pick up my trophy.

Round 6 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who’ll be crowned Shield Marshal!

Good luck to both our builders!

Eli Willsea


What a wild ride of a round!

Both contestants did an incredible job and I thoroughly enjoyed following the action and seeing who would post next!

Cecilie used the seed part in some of my favorite ways. The spines on the Sea Serpent were fabulous but my favorite usage in the entire round was Mario’s overalls, absolutely brilliant. Hobbiton and Blue Shelled really showed off Cecilies expertise with the brick that went above and beyond her other entries.

Being the new guy in the Iron Builder ring, Elias put on one heck of a show. I think he even surpassed the quality of his forge entries that got him here. Overall, I felt that Elias presented more consistently quality builds during the round. Sunset View and the Desert Temple really showed off his ability to set a mood and style with lighting and colors.

Elias – You did incredible for your first Iron Builder; I was impressed. I know the pressure can sometimes get to you, but your builds made you appear cool calm and collected. As you develop your own style and improve even more, I can’t wait to follow along and see what else you build in the future!

Cecilie – This wasn’t your first walk in the park, but you continued to show your range of ability even with maybe your strangest seed part yet. Also don’t think your use of all three seed parts in your final build went unnoticed. Great job!

Fantastic run and I wish you both the best whatever the results!

Marius Herrmann


Once again, this has been an immensely entertaining Iron Builder round. I was exited to see what Cecilie and Elias would make with this odd part and they repeatedly surprised me with their creativity. The plethora of topics and the build quality here is astounding. Congratulations to both builders for this amazing feat.

When it comes to a seed part as eye catching as this shield, I think the best course of action is to really own it and make its unique shape front and center of the build. Both builders have some great examples for this. I particularly liked Cecilie’s little blue elephant and the blue shell, which looks just as terrifying here as in the game. However, Elias more often managed to make the seed part an integral piece of the model. Like the unique wall pattern of the Bluetiful Temple or the scales of that cute little fish. And of course, my highlight of this IB round: The seed part monster, which not only used a ridiculous amount of blue shields but is also impossible to imagine without them.

In terms of build quality it really was a close race. Both builders demonstrated that they are comfortable with a wide range of styles. Cecilie’s Lunar Lander and Elias’s Iron Tools show how beautiful well constructed geometrical shapes can be. And as someone who’s eyes light up every time he sees a video game inspired MOC, I was delighted to see such a fun rendition of everyones favourite plumber. Overall I would say Elias managed to win this category because of the larger variety of builds he provided.

Especially at the end both demonstrated their talent for perfectly setting the scene with some nice use of forced perspective. But Elias’s Sunset View for me takes the crown for best presentation. I just want to jump straight into the picture and enjoy the evening in that chair.

New Elementary

It's an odd seed part, this one, and as a result this round felt very fresh – great choice! Both builders really made it their own which proves that you can throw basically anything at an Iron Builder!

It is always exciting to see what the piece gets used as, and this round certainly didn't disappoint. One could have predicted scales or flowers, but both Cecilie and Elias showed a bluetiful variety of applications. Highlights were Elias' seemingly simple Classic Space Arcade, a build that really leaned on the pieces' geometry, but what really stole the show and made her win this category was Cecilie's rendition of everyone's beloved plumber: Those overalls do deserve a chef's kiss!

In regards to build quality I am really on the fence. I love the variety that both showed, as this round had everything from creatures to micro scale builds, but more often than not I felt that both could have done better. Cecilie's builds often felt like they could have used a bit more work to really make them pop, and while Elias' builds felt more finished in that regard, he relied heavily on existing ideas, and even re-used elements of official LEGO sets. As a result this is a rare tie, and one that I am not happy about.

Presentation however is where Elias really knocked it out of the park. I am a sucker for frame-filling builds and as such Cecilie's plain backgrounds disappointed a bit. Elias went all in and showed everything from plain backdrops to bustling street scenes, and even put together a workbench. The creation that stood out most in this regard was his lovely garden, a well-crafted composition in both brick and light, something you don't get to see often.

A fantastic round once again – and thoroughly entertaining to see such contrasting competitors: Cecilie, competing in Iron Builder for her third time, seasoned, composed, with consistently fresh ideas, and Elias, thrown into the deep end right after winning Iron Forge, putting on a great show but clearly needing to develop his own style: Thank you both for a stellar showing!

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The round goes to Elias