Jordan Jivkov

dan ko

Duncan Lindbo


Season 6 – Round 17 of Iron Builder – starting October 7th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 17 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Jordan Jivkov or our challenger Duncan Lindbo?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Technic Rotor Blade in red. 

Now our two contestants have 15 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Baited in sunlight

Hey Duncan, I want to give you a worm welcome – the iron way. I guarantee you will get hooked!

Arts and Crafts

That’s a cute fish Yordan! He looks a little lonely though… Maybe he’d be happier if he returned to his school? But not to worry, I’ve got just the tool to cut that line and set him free!

The King of the World?

If we’re playing, I think rock beats scissors any day. And yes, I am all about crafts, how about I draw you a Rose, Jack?

Quick Sketch

I’m no Picasso, but a promise is a promise. Sorry I took one of your pencils!

“Iron Lancer” IB series 2, D-type

Aw, geez, that was my only one! Bot that’s okay, I guess I’ll mecha do with something else to illustrate my points…

Not shelf ready!

Duncan, sorry, but I found some bugs in your mech. I hope these will give you some IDEAS how to fix it, may be even get you in the 10K Club.

Chainsaw go brrrr

What’d you say? Sorry, couldn’t hear you, I had my earplugs in! I’ll admit, I was a little stumped when I first saw the seed part… So I cleared my schedule to think, and woodn’t you know it, I was able to come up with a few ideas myself!

Another collectable?

Don’t you know I collect chainsaws…man. Check the statistics. Stihl, my collection is too big, so this one will be on sale from October 15th on Creations for Charity’s website.

Akira Bike Slide

DANKOOOOOO!!! Sorry, I’m not sure why I’m shouting. I guess these past few builds have got me feeling really anime-ted!


Duncan, are you trying to cyberpunk me? You can slide or spinner-ound, but that’s the po-pos, so not a sound. #YONHO

A friendly face

Hey man, are you hAngry for more? No ties in Iron Builder and yet I made 2 so far (same shirt too). I’m not trying to ORChestrate the show, just to put some fire builds out there.

Lunchtime with the beaky boys

I’ll be honest, it’s only 5 days and I already feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. But somehow, I’m sure I’ll find the will to carrion, no matter how grisly this round gets!

The Inthertship

Something shady is going on here and I don’t think that bunny was hit by a truck, it looks completely floored. I just hope he’s not stuck in the Lindbo.


All that fancy gadgetry won’t save you Jordan, I’ve got a license to build and I’m not afraid to use it! Better watch your back, because I’m gunnin’ for you this round!

Cutting Bonds

It was nice meeting your Swiss Army Wife, she was definitely dressed to kill. Let me introduce you to mine – Knocks…Victory Knocks. With all dead things laying around I think you have a real shot at taxidermy, so here’s my gift to you.

Curtains for the monarchy

That’s not a knife… This is a knife!

Bridging the Gap

All that creed, your assassins are relentless. Anyway, it’s so peasant to know you are always thinking of me! Unfortunately, I’m joust not there – this is my double. I went to my other castle to get some quiet, before Brickscalibur.

Forest Spirit

Don’t think you’ve outfoxed me yet! If shootin’ and stabbin’ won’t work, I’ll try bonk-ing you over the head!

Blades of Glory

That’s the spirit! But let’s put things back into perspective – 9 is ok, but #1 is better. I have a guy here ready to try, but like your Skitsune, there’s more than meets the eye.


So, you wanna race? Quick question, though: How’d you get your shrink ray to go all the way to nano? I can only seem to get mine to go down to micro.

Funny you should ask

I don’t have a Clu actually, you can try Quorra. If I had to do it now though, I would’ve done it differently. And yes, I do wanna race!

Flip or Flop

Hey man, after this week IB chillin’ on the beach, everything is packed already. Chair up, you will finally have that time to sort!

Hero on the half-shell

Cowabunga! A beach party sounds pretty radical. Maybe we’ll even see some turtles!

Penny for your thoughts

Word to the wise, there’s something scarier in that sewer! Not your float though, you have to give IT the right stab.

What a piece of junk!

Killer clowns? Ugh, keep ’em far, far away from me… Like, maybe in another galaxy!

Spoiler Alert!

Quite the contrary, this is a piece of art! And as an artist I’m no one-hit wonder, I hit multiple times. Come the Weeknd, you’ll be blinded by the lights…tail lights that is.

I *lick * that car, but I’m gonna stick with this till the very end. I’ve branched out a bit from my usual genres, fortunately I can focus on a couple things at once!

They see me rollin’, They hatin’

Arcade you not, I’d be a Chamillionaire if I got a bug for every time someone tilted their head at me.

Message in a bottle

I decided to take a little vacation to the beach after all! Glad I did, because this little crustacean led me to a message in a bottle. Don’t be crabby though, if it’s a map to buried treasure I promise not to be shellfish!

Old News

You have to wander no more, it’s just a Tile 2 x 2 with Groove with Map Blue Water, Yellow Land, Black Ship, Compass Rose, White Skeleton Head and Red ‘X’ Pattern, available in 26 sets. This is what I found with a quick search dough-nut enough time on my hands right now.

Oh Snap!

Wait! I found one of my hands, unfortunately not the one with the treasures. I do have hermit to use it, I’m an Iron…maaan, you know what – I’m enjoying this round too much!

Out of the ruins

I know that We Don’t Need Another Hero, but this one is a real head Turner, cat you see?

Flying Solo

Hey man, what are your plants? Building something big like a rocket or something? Those previous builds must’ve been only a camouflag.

Tomte’s Gnomestead

Your space age marvels may seem fancy, but they’re gnome-atch to a quiet, humble life… While you were making deals with the devil, I decided to drop some pastries off at a friend’s. I would have stayed longer but there wasn’t mushroom to build at his place!

Some dads give their kids Legos

Boy, those horns look hella sharp… Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you filed them down? Excuse me though, this is a no-smoking area!

The Clock is Ticking

The end (of the round) will be here before we know it. So many ideas, so little time… Are you Gallifrey-d of judgement?

Don’t Tomte me

I needed that ‘roof to see if you were naughty or nice! Now you’re gettin’ all the toys, even before that hand lands on 21. I mean 12…And you should be grateful it’s not smoking, I’d never go in otherwise.


Hey Duncan, I did this one just to scratch it out! I would miss IB a lot, so one final look, deep breath, but no fire. It was a tremendous pleasure to cross blades with you! Thank you!

Round 17 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!

Eero Okkonen

In the part use category, Jordan managed better to use the parts on the hierarchal core of his builds - hitting the sweetspots like in true seed part MOCing. "Blades of Glory" is my favourite build in this theme, using a unique sort-of-forced perspective with focus on the seed part and the minifig on the background. Other great examples were "They see me rollin’, They hatin’", "Spoiler Alert!" and "Flip or Flop". Duncan's best moments in the part use category were "Lunchtime with the beaky boys" and the chameleon (this is the second brilliant chameleon I've judged in Iron Builder, by the way). However, his builds, although brilliant MOCs, sometimes had the seed part in more secondary role. This was a natural consequence of making larger builds than Jordan.

In the Build Quality category, the difference of scales helped Duncan's models to be more surprising, in a way - it was impossible the guess what would come next. Of course, there was large variance in Jordan's work too, but he has - I think more strongly than Duncan - developed a strong style of his own, and all his models were unmistakenly "Dan Ko MOCs". Nothing wrong with this, but on the other hand, Duncan's freedom from style probably helped him to think outside the box, or outside his own brain. I was smitten by the large speeder bike in "What a piece of junk!", the dynamic composition of "Akira bike slide" and the mandatory crab in "Message in a bottle". "Tomte's Gnomestead" was the large flagship build of this ground. While I don't generally give bonus points for the size of the model in itself, I sure know how much they take amidst the haze of IB - and nonetheless Duncan managed to make even the small details in great quality; I love them mushrooms. On the other side, Jordan's best builds were the aforementioned "Blades of Glory" and "Flip Flop" (loving the shoes Jordan!), as well as "Baited in sunlight" with its DREAMZzz splat.

Performance is the hardest category to judge and, I'm honest with it, often ends up being the tie breaker. This round the puns were embarrasing as usual - I like the worm welcome though. I feel like Jordan's perfomance was a steady-handed show of professional, quirky builds delivered with his well-recognisable style. I can sense bit of a mind-boggling almost-panicy madness in Duncan's crazy variance of style, scale and approach. Whereas this resulted in some misses - "Curtains for the monarchy" for example needs a proper symmetrical shot and more polished details - there was certain lovely unexpectancy in his show.

Zane Houston


Thank you builders for sharing your wit and creativity with us! This was an awesome round and (I know every judge says this, but...) not an easy one to judge. I can't believe the quality and quantity of the builds you two were able to crank out in just a few weeks. It was an amazing performance by both of you!

Parts Usage
The rotor blade is a cool piece; it makes a great flap/panel so I was expecting it to be used as such. For parts usage I focused on builds where the rotor could not have been substituted with a simple red tile, thus I was curious how you two were going to incorporate the pin and axle holes into your builds. The usage highlights for me were Duncan's Beaky Boys and the towers in Jordan's "Bridging the Gap" micro castle. This was a close call but the category goes to Duncan!

Build Quality
The builds this round were top notch! You both integrated the rotor so naturally that it was easy to forget that you were "forced" to use it. This was the hardest category to judge, both of you were able to showcase a story larger than what was captured in frame and made me feel like I was part of the scene. If one of you had accomplished that more than the other that would have made my decision easy; but I went back and forth so much that this category really feels like a tie. That being said, the tie-breaker simply comes down to which set of mocs I would want most to add to my collection. This category goes to Duncan!

Another close call, but build variety, puns, and wit were strong with Jordan this round. His builds covered many different scales and perspectives and I was constantly surprised by each new build. This category goes to Jordan!

Congrats to both builders!

New Elementary

I will start by saying this was one of my recent favourite rounds of Iron Builder, have been excited seeing both builders work popping on my socials last couple of weeks – but that also means it was another tough round to judge!

Seed Part Usage:
The red Technic Rotor Blade is a pretty cool piece in itself, but personally I think it’s one of the “easier” seed parts as the shaping of it lends well for many cool details naturally already – blades, feathers, mechanical shell pieces, spoilers, horns etc, so I made my judgement in this category based on the entries that did NOT use the part along the line of these features on the model, regardless of how cool they are. It’s the Iron Builder after all, and I think even taking those out of the consideration, both builders still have some really impressive entries respectively! For Jordan, my personal highlights would be “The King of the World?” for cleverly utilizing the shape of the whole element to create the simple but lovely line on the side of the Titanic, the stylish hair in “Penny for your thoughts” and the fingers in “Oh Snap!”. For Duncan, it would be the scissors in “Arts and Crafts” (It’s still some sort of blades, but I think it’s an exception because of how perfectly it captures the resemblance and how well they are incorporated, it felt like THE genuine perfect piece even if this wasn’t a seed part), the clever way of combining two blades to form the lovely shape in “Chainsaw go brrrr”, the simple yet brilliant way of creating the entire face on the part in “Lunchtime with he beaky boys”, the blood in “No Time to Sort”, the tongue in “Mlem!” the chameleon – and last but not least I was blown away by the roof effect in “Tomte’s Gnomestead” So I will hand this category to Duncan, not only because there were more entries by numbers that impressed me regarding the seed part, but overall I also think he had a more diverse usage of the seed part throughout the round

Build Quality:
I am giving this to Duncan again. Both builders have be on top of their games and given us incredible models, so I find myself really going into the details and trying to compare every entry over and over. Interestingly, the builders did make quite a few models on the same or similar subject in the game of going back and forth on each other, which made the comparison slightly easier than usual. And ironically, the dealbreaker for me was the two TRON entries, I think Duncan had a much cleaner execution on both the lettering and the idea of using the blade element as the trails of lights. In addition, I also think Duncan’s models throughout the round feel a lot more completed and polish, things like the chameleon, the Tomte’s Gnomestead, they look like a proper MOC that people spend a month polishing, I wouldn’t have guessed it was an Iron Builder entry if I wasn’t aware of it, whereas a lot of Jordan’s entries like “Baited in sunlight”, “The King of the World?”, “Quick Sketch”, “Bridging the Gap”, “Old News” etc, are very 2D-based, which while it doesn’t make them any less awesome and it’s a common approach we have seen in the Iron Builder get the round going, I just think Duncan deserved the win for that extra mile he went for.

Overall Performance:
I have decided to give it to Jordan. I think both builders did an incredible job regarding the diversity of their models in terms of subject and scale, but that working pinball machine is what ultimately made the call for me – makes me want to play it in person! And on top of that, I think Jordan’s pun and repartee hit me harder this round! Once again, kudos to both builders and I can’t wait to see more awesome builds from you guys in the future, which I’m sure I will!

Parts Usage:

Build Quality:






Parts Usage:

Build Quality:






Parts Usage:

Build Quality:






The round goes to Duncan