John Snyder


Jordan Jivkov


Season 6 – Round 10 of Iron Builder
– starting November 27th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 10 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion John Snyder or our challenger Jordan Jivkov?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Toy Winder Key in dark orange. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! This round will come down to the wire!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Ride to the Sky

Hey John, just wanted to share an E.T. Bitty thing about me – this is my favorite movie! Rewind to this scene, it feels like a ride to the sky to me!

Watch out!

John, it’s not about speed. It’s all about lurking in the shadows and going against the wind. There’s a best in here and a pray, so don’t tell me I didn’t toad you so!

Wish You Were Here!

Little John, I don’t want to Robin you of your ironbuilderHood, but we missed you today. It was such a lovely day here at the Sherwood Forest.

Cerulean Sentinel

I’m no alien to this arena, if you think those lily walls will protect you from my epic warrior, you are soarly mistaken. Just leaf the puns to me, as my sentinel shields against any attack.

Ready Player One!

I see how you rolli, trying to teal me with your gardens sentinel, but I’m ready for the cockfight! I’m beaking and with just one blow your warrior will fall aparts, ’cause everything is hanging by a thin thread. Game on!

I’m going nano, hermano!

John, if you give me your TRON, I will definitely keep your LEGOcy…but smaller!

Gingerbread House

Trod gingerly Jordan, your little trifles just won’t cut it! I know Iron Builder can be a chilling experience, but don’t let this season’s fowl weather freeze your enthusiasm. Maybe you would like some sweet treats to calm your nerves?

While you wing it, I’m cool and confident – I’ll make the most of this window of opportunity and keep baking up true eye candy.

Trolling my way

Orcay John, I hear you, but now you got me hungry! Too sweet for my guy’s taste though, he is axeing if you have anything else on the menu. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll beheading North for sure!Trolling my way

First Steps

Hey John, do you remember your 7th build from your last round? I do, because I was there, even got it on Vidiyo – here’s a screenshot. I was little back then, already ahead of you, and doing wheelies. Also my 7th build. And this is how the rookie crumbles…you.

Day 1

Just chillin’ today, still got me from yesterday, but I’m reviewing the latest advent calendar! It’s sleigh-in’ (DAB!). The first build is stacked with awesomeness – 16 pieces, only two of them relatively rare.


I should’ve wait to post this on Saturday, but don’t want to biscuit. First time baking, but it was a piece of cake. I’m all over the place with the fixins too!

The Irin Way

Your troll’s weapons looks very dull, he should branch out and invest in some new Irin gear! Likewise, your baby’s rover is cute, but it simply won’t cut it. Allow me to inject some real equipment. It can cut much more than a little cake, even chain mail stands no chains against this treemendous tool. Stumped what it could be? It’s The Irin Way.


A Cut Above

Sorry, John, Stihl not impressed. It looks like you’re trying to sell us broken equipment. Personally, I like my tools to work. And please check the lumbers, the chance is 10:3 that I’ll be cutting you for wood!

The Master Plan

Just a spur of the moment build, but eye think it’s back to the drawing board for you Jordan. I’m crossing out the competition one by one. Or maybe they all quit cold turkey. This round has been a true spectacle, but I’m aiming to win by a lenslide and add another feather to my cap.

There’s no place like home

You’re absolutely right about the spectacle – it’s a magical thing. And yes I’m cold, missing a heart, but worry not, I’ll be sending you home. Setting this stage was a no-brainer for me, but hey, don’t get discouraged!

Mark 2

Hey man, I feel bad about yesterday. The heart thing was just a joke, I do have one, here’s the proof. If you’re a good copper, you’ll figure this one out too! Here’s a tip: S/N: S06R04

Sneak Peak

John, here at Air Dankos we put our heart and sole in every new model, so you can Play Well, play better. What’s your number so I can send you a pair?

The Hive

Watch your step, you don’t want to disturb this nest. Plus you should select more practical footwear, cause we’re taking this contest to all new depths. Hopefully you don’t cave in under the pressure – hive seen it happen to people before! Meanwhile, I’ll keep lighting up this round!

Boss Level

I got offended for 8-bit, cause you didn’t liked my snakers. Don’t worry I’m super hived right now, only few moves to victory!

Collecting the Bounty

You can run, but you can’t hive…

Horsin’ Around

Water you mean, run?! Wild horses couldn’t make me desert this challenge. Despite your speeder, I’m alwaves the one making a splash. And I’m shore to keep submitting builds packed with fin detail. I would ask ‘Why the long face’, but it’s quite clear you need kelp.

Rambo: Infinity Blood

It’s FIN for you alright. On this track there key be only one winning stallion and it’s the Italian. He’ll clip your rounds. Let me introduce you, John, this is John, John, John.

Who You Gonna Call?

John, are we Goo? I’m not remotely interested in having any reef or coral with you. So I got you something, but there’s a ghost of a chance that you might not like it, a magazine again.

The Inside Tour

Hey John, I’m LEPIN on the global market and moulding this part all kinds of ways. For orders hit me up on 555-40502!

Winterful Journey

Sorry, have just been catching up on all your back issues. A couple page turners, but the rest seem a bit below car. Wheel you wait, I’ve been fine-tuning my own countree scenery. I’m still in great farm, even reaching new peaks. So freeze be seated, and enjoy the snow!

Iron Workshop

Sorry to throw a wrench in your works, Jordan, but it seems like you’re just grinding gears over there. If you need to, feel free to blow off some steam or stop for repairs. I know this can be an exhausting competition. But I’m not screwing around anymore, so I’ll leave you in a puff of smoke as I barrel on towards the finish line!

John, when you said “Freeze!”, I was like Oops!…I did it again. Sorry I can’t seat, have to deliver my toys to the keyds, cause I don’t want to feel their wreath. You’re right about the smoke, you should get that fireplace fixed!

Hold the phone!

Hello, is it key you looking for? Ah, it’s you again John. Couldn’t hear you from the other side, my phone is toying with me. If I hit the pottery I’ll get a new one and gear up!

Hall of History

There’s a lot on the line here Dan, and while I hate to claus a stir, I have to one last gift to present before I hang up my gloves. I took a few lessons from the past and now as we part ways, only one question remains: Who is next in line to the throne?


Round 10 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who’s creations were key to winning this competition!

Good luck to both our builders!

Rocco Buttliere

Parts Usage: When it comes to parts usage, I consider the finest examples to be those which provide a balance between two things; how well a specific part can be multipled to effectively blend in with their surrounding elements and how effectively the same part might be used in more isolated instances. Based on these criteria, Jordan is the clear winner in this category for his overall understanding of this balancing act. In particular, he shows a clear understanding of knowing where to use the seed part en masse and where it ought to be used rather sparingly - both to great effect!

Build quality: The quality of a series of builds is far less about the novel concepts put forth in the subject matter, and far more about the creativity to present the subject matter in a manner which provides a conceptual understanding on its own merits, while still inviting closer inspection from more learned viewers. John wins this category for his builds which invite - far more than they require - these closer inspections, inviting more meaningul questions along the way.

Entertainment: This is perhaps the most clear-cut category in that it challenges the builder to illicit a light-hearted, at times viscerally heartwarming, response. Jordan comes out on top here. There is no shortage of on-the-nose references covering a wide range of subjects. As for visceral reactions, well, I'll admit to squinting my eyes while smirking at a few, and even a slight wince at the thought of such orc-some ear gauges!

Marcel V.

Two truly worthy competitors delivered a show! An entertaining round comes to an end and as part of the jury I'll try to recap some of my impressions and thoughts about this duel:

Jordan seemed like he spent the lockdown-times collecting puns or – more likely – he's just a really creative guy with bricks and words. He picked up his opponents builds and reactions, added little hints to the AFOL-scene to his builds, which all made for an overall fun and entertaining round of Iron builder. My favourite builds of Jordan's are the Sherwood forest and the super cute Wizard of Oz cast. Jordan went for several small ideas, well presented, with multiple uses for the seed part. However I would have liked to see one or two bigger builds that – once my attention was grabbed – would make me zoom around to find all the details.

John on the other hand presented a mix of small, medium and big builds, full-LEGO scenes and, as well as Jordan, even little movies of his entries. Presentation was on point, in my opinion: Make a christmas card with that gingerbread house on it!
My favourite builds of John's are the hive (my favourite use of the seed part), the gingerbread house and his chainsaw + ad.

New Elementary

Iron Builder continues to deliver great entertainment for the community, and this latest round had it all: A funky seed part, great builds, tons of puns and references, and two powerhouse competitors. A tremendous round to watch, and such a tough one to judge!

Parts Usage: Iron Builder competitors constantly push the envelope when it comes to NPU, and this round was no different. John exquisitely used them as carpet fringes and leaves, with my favorite use being that cutting-edge chainsaw, but overall, Jordan simply outbuilt John in this category: Sure, volume is one thing, but the variety of smart usages was mind-blowing. With no two uses the same, Jordan covered everything from braids to micro-scale bikes. Personally I loved the rotary dial and the sole of the Air Dankos the most, the latter one being the most subtle use this round, showing that every little detail counts.

Build Quality: Jordan is a graphic designer by trade and you can see that: Whenever he takes the time, his presentation lifts his tiny builds onto a whole different stage, messing with your eyes and even transporting whole movies. His builds are top-notch, and each one a little study in just how creative one can be with funky elements on a small footprint. That said this category showed how comfortable John has gotten as an Iron Builder: Each and every build was a carefully crafted story-telling display of his amazing understanding of the brick, with immersive scenes that could become Christmas cards or storybook images, and filled to the brim with beautiful techniques and piece usage. His ""Iron Workshop"" – my favorite build of his this round – encompasses all of that.

Entertainment: This arguably nebulous category is what it comes down to for me – a category that sums up what Iron Builder always has been: An entertaining spectacle for the crowds. And that it was – including great banter and back-and-forth from both contestants, and great interaction with the crowd. However it also covers things like variety, and that is a category that Jordan really knocked out of the park, in part of course through his sheer number of builds. John largely stayed in his comfort zone, with the Cerulean Sentinel and The Irin Way being notable exceptions. Jordan however covered all the bases: Nano scale and characters, creatures and cakes, even immersive scenes. With that he basically filled an Iron Bingo card all by himself, a testament to the variety in subject matter. The icing on the cake: His Blocks Magazine cover, that was so meta it could almost be real.

Judging a round like this is like comparing apples to oranges: There's really no right or wrong, evidence to how good both builders are at their craft. I enjoyed this round tremendously, and loved seeing two completely different takes on this competition – and I for once can't wait to see how it'll influence the future of Iron Builder!

Seed Part Usage:

Build Quality:






Seed Part Usage:

Build Quality:






Seed Part Usage:

Build Quality:






The round goes to Jordan