Eli Willsea

Forlorn Empire

Joshua Whitehouse


Season 6 – Round 14 of Iron Builder – starting November 26th!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Cylinder 1 x 5 1/2 with Bar Handle in dark turquoise. 

Now our two contestants have 15 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Take off!

The early bird catches the throne worm… My feathers are itching for flight, let’s see what this journey brings. You better watch my tail as I fly away with the competition!

Moonglow Cavern

I’ve been searching the stars, and I haven’t seen you or birds! Try to not get torched while I climb to the top! By the way I’m a wizard and I thrive at midnights!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I think you must be getting sleepy, all this talk of moons and stars! Maybe its these deadly poppies, causing you to lose sight of your goal! I’m just gonna keep following this yellow brick road, where ever it leads… Maybe to an Emerald Turquoise City… or maybe to victory!

The Sound of the Sea

After the music stops who will remain? We have yet to sea, but I’d bet on me. Don’t get crabby after seeing this build!

Winterhold Forge

I’m not wasting my time listening to music! This is Iron Builder – I’m forging myself a shiny new set of armour to help me battle my way to victory! This build is quite a treet – I do rather adoor it – but I hope nobody’s gonna give me an icy stare at all these bad puns!

Out on the Porch

I’ve planted myself and am ready for your attacks! I wont chair the victory, so go a head and take a seat! If you need me I’ll be having a nice chime sitting here on my porch as the curtains close on you.

Construction Site

That’s a lovely porch you’ve got there Eli, but I can’t see the rest of the house! Maybe you need some help finishing it?! Luckily the Iron Builder Construction Service is right on hand, ready to help out. Just let us know if you need help finishing builds in the future!

The Hunger

While construction has been fun, it’s been a bite quite in here… and now it’s dinner time! Skitter along before you get caught! I’ve got 8 legs up on you!


Aww cute little spider you’ve got there! While it looks menacing up close – its not so scary in it’s natural habitat! I’ve spent the weekend doing a relaxing spot of gardening. Just watch I don’t squash your little spider if it gets in my way!

The Bamboo Picnic

Bam! BOO! I haven’t heard from you in a while so I decided to offer you a picnic! Your flower was starting to wilt but I brought it anyway. Hope this drives you bananas!

Iron City

While you’re daydreaming of your future in a park, I’m busy building mine! Welcome to Iron City – but don’t get lost, this place is big – its not exactly a picnic here! Not only am I flying into the future, but maybe this will also send me flying to victory!

Birthday Cake!!

Did you fall asleep at your picnic Eli? I’m having a party now – a birthday party! Apparantly I’m an AFOL now… But anyway, let me present to you my latest build – it was a piece of cake! This is my 7th build, but hopefully I’ll have time for one more before the rounds over :))

The North Pole

It’s time for a reel Christmas! Something fishy is going on at the North Pole, either Santa is really gifted or he has the worst luck! Take a seat because this isn’t the last you’ll see of me!

Santa’s Workshop

Christmas has come alright, and the (invisible) elves are busily getting ready all the presents! Any of these presents look familiar?? I think the kids will be happy this year!

Well, this is my final build for Iron Builder, and what a fun two weeks it’s been!! It was a huge honour to compete against you Eli, and so so much fun. I look forward to seeing what’s in that mystery box on the shelf!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

The Side Quest

You are going to lava this build, there is no quest-ion about it! While this adventure may have come to an end, the main story continues on!

This is my final build. It has been a joy to compete against you Joshua! It made me so happy that we got to have some fun back and forth throughout. Happy Holidays and all future adventures!

Round 14 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!

Hannes Tscharner


Eli and Joshua, I salute you for this awesome competition. What a difficult seed part this was! You both came up with fantastic creations, that are awe inspiring and are taking us on to a journey. As usual with this grand challenge, your submissions are judged in three categories: The use of the part – the main draw of this challenge! Did you use the seed part wisely as the real hero in your builds, or is it only left for decoration? Build Quality – How consistent and creative are your techniques and does the presentation support your quest? Performance – how many builds, different styles, intricate details and variety were you able to pull off? And how much fun was it in the end to follow your puns and exchange of blows?

Parts Usage: Think it this way: Erase the seed part from all builds in your mind: If you still understand the initial concept, then the part was not used to its fullest potential. To give a good and a bad example: In „Follow the Yellow Brick Road“ and in „The North Pole“ the whole Scene would not work without the seed part at all. In „Winterhold Forge“ and „The Side Quest“ the main attractions would still stand unimpressed. Both Builders have had some hits and misses in this category. Furthermore, it was also important for me, that the seed part was incorporated in a natural and unforced way. In my opinion Eli has the slight edge from this perspective.

To make it short, Eli wins also in the category for Build Quality and Presentation. He impresses with a lot of clever techniques, deep understanding of color combinations and his love for the smallest details. None of his submissions look rushed or compromised in any way. Beyond this, all of his entries are presented in the best light, there are no flaws in photography nor post production.

For overall Performance Joshua takes the cake. He was not only able to submit one more entry, I especially like his ability to incorporate funny twists and sideshots as present in „Construction Site“ and „Agapanthus“. And with this approach he has probably delivered us one of the best submission in this round: „Santa’s Workshop“. Santa's Gift Factory is filled with all the previous submissions, as detailed micro builds, to round this up: this competition is a gift for us all to enjoy! It was an honor for me to judge this round – and It was not an easy one: in the end it was a very close head-to-head battle. Chapeau to both of you!

Paul Trach


This round was hard to judge, because both of the competitors really pushed out their best. The builds are on a very high level and show a lot of different uses for the seed part. So congrutaulations to both, this was a high class Iron Builder and fun to watch! But there has to be a winner so join me in figuring out who did better:

Parts usage
We saw a lot of amazing ideas to use the seed part. In my opinion Joshua's part usage is slightly better, The main reason for that is the creativity to use the part as something I never ever would have thought about. Especially the use as natural parts like the trees, flowers and feathers was awesome. Another good idea was the emerald city because the color matches perfectly in this build, so the seed part really blends in. Eli`s part usage was also pretty good, but a lot of his ideas felt to be more on the obvious side, such as using the seed part as columns, pipes or bamboo.

Build Quality
The overall build quality was pretty high ­- it was impressive how both builders could put out such excellent builds in the limited time and also were patient enough to give them the perfect finish in presentation. Eli perfoms a tad better here. His builds were techniquely superb, the colors created harmony, the clean and structured builds amazed me and the pictures were absolutely crisp. Joshua's pictures in comparison weren't able to reach that high level, the contrast, the colors and the sharpness of some pictures weren't quite perfect, so even if Joshuas builds are on an equal level of build quality, he can't win this category mostly because of his presentation.

Both competatiors put on a good show and presented so many different building styles that it was fun to follow the competition. Joshua still outperformed here. The MOCs were so divers in scale, theme and colors, that it was total entertainment. Especailly two builds represented his commitment to the show perfectly: The construciton site were he directly answered to Eli's porch and the last MOC ­- Santas's Workshop - where most of his builds found themselves returning as micro scale renditions summing up all that had happended. Well done, Joshua!"

New Elementary

What a grand tour of locations and techniques this round was. Both builder’s mastery of different scales, colours and genres was plain to see - and a pain to judge! Such is the calibre of builds.

This round’s seed part features a pair of pesky side slots which work well on mechanical builds like Joshua’s construction vehicles and Eli’s creepy spider. But can become an unavoidable eyesore like on Eli’s bamboo garden or Joshua’s present’s ribbon. Thankfully both contestants did succeed in using the slot for specific details in their builds - that's what we like to see, show that seed part who’s boss! Joshua cleverly presented them as windows on his distant emerald city while Eli used them for the pipe mouths on his submerged organ.

Pinning down a winner came down to who used the seed part as the formative element in their builds the most - rather than as cool but superfluous detail. Unfortunately for Joshua, the magnificent Iron City and Santa’s workshop would still be stand-out models with all those teal cylinders ripped away unlike the majority of Eli’s builds which would be soulless without them. For that reason we crown Eli our choice for winner in this nail-biting, neck and neck round.

Parts Usage:

Build Quality:






Parts Usage:

Build Quality:






Parts Usage:

Build Quality:






The round goes to Eli