Grant Davis


Jaap Bijl


Season 6 – Round 2 of Iron Builder – starting August 8th!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 2 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Grant Davis or our Iron Forge challenger Jaap Bijl?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the white  Plant Flower 4 x 4 Rounded Petals

Now our two contestants have 16 days to put petal to the metal and come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Xbox Iron Series

“Hey Grant, if you wanna control the battle, you should stop playing Grant Theft Auto!”

The King of Diamonds

“Did you think that was an ace in the hole? You’ve just been outplayed by the Kind of Diamonds!”

It’s a Boy!

“Oh baby! You got a king, but I got a full house!”

A Renaissance Nobleman

“Hate to bust your bubble, but your stroller ride is about to get really ruff!”

A Dreamer’s Dwelling

“You should use more collar, if you don’t want to be sent home!”

Forgotten Glory

“Grant , I don’t want to ruin your dreams, but your empire is going under…”

Gingerbread House

“Oh, my empire is crumbling all right, but while temporary, I am sure it is sweeter than yours will ever be!”

An Unidentified Fluffy Object

“Where’s your next build? What, are you chicken?”


“I was cooking up this knife build! Oh, and thanks for the chicken!”

I.R.O.N. – International Research On Nature

“My research has proved you’re at least one lab behind, Grant!”

The Falls

“Don’t worry, I am sure my next few creations will have you mist-ified!”


“Hope you weren’t feeling to rosy about your chances in this competition, they are about to burn to the ground.”

Einstein’s ‘One Great Mistake’

Dropping in to burn your chances to the ground.”

Iron Popper

“Oh no, it’s not burned! It cooked perfectly in my Iron Popper!”

Link to video.

A Family’s Life

“I hope there’s still life left for you after this Grant finale!”

Round 2 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who had the best bouquet of seed part flowers – results soon!

Chris Perron


This round was incredibly difficult to judge! Both contenders put out an impressive amount of creations, really showing off their diversity as builders.

For parts usage, both Grant and Jaap came up with many brilliant ideas. However, I think Jaap scored higher overall as he found ways to utilize the seed part in multiple ways throughout each entry. His final build, "A Family's Life" came in showcasing the element with 17 different uses!

The overall quality of the builds were very high from each contestant. I scored Grant as the winner here, as he really polished each and every model. I think the "Gingerbread House" and "Taking The Plunge" really stand out here.

In the final category of Presentation & Puns, we had some great back and forth between Grant and Jaap, and overall some very well photographed LEGO models to admire. I'm giving Jaap the overall higher score here for builds such as "It's a boy!" and "Forgotten Glory" having such an visually interesting and clear presentation, and for some great puns such as using Grant's name and sigfig in his "Grant finale".

Simon Hundsbichler

A very interesting round, lots of great entries and from two great builders that approached the Challenge in quite a different way:
Jaap managed to pack a sheer insane number of clever seedpart-uses in all his builds while Grant’s entries rather all came down to basically one idea that was excecuted and presented in a fitting style.

It the end it was Grant’s approach that fully convinced me. Jaap did well integrating the part, but Grant even managed to highlight it. Take it away and his creations wouldn’t work… Last but not least it was his variety in building style that amazed me.

New Elementary

It is amazing to see Iron builder contestants live up to the old days of glory so quickly. Eventually you should stop seeing white flowers in random objects you interact with in your daily lives. Our medical staff assures us it is temporary. Both builders had very different ideas and it didn't seem like there was a rush to get the ""obvious"" ideas out before the other contestant thinks of them.

While the verbal punches occasionally run out of sync, both builders had some great comebacks and quickly adapted to the occasion. Jaap's ""thanks for the chicken"" stands out as a great response.

Jaap made extra effort to give the seed element as many uses as possible in any given model. Sometimes this tactic paid off, while at certain moments, it felt just a little stretched.

It is difficult to be critical towards models that look amazing overall, but if we concentrate closely to NPU, some criticism for both builders would be overuse of the element for texture. We would have loved to see the element given more thought as a standalone shape.

Taking into consideration overall quality feel, presentation and part usage, Grant takes our vote for this round. Thank you both for raising the stakes and keeping it competitive.

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Build Quality:


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The round goes to Grant