Round 10 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who’s creations were key to winning this competition!

Good luck to both our builders!

Hall of History

There’s a lot on the line here Dan, and while I hate to claus a stir, I have to one last gift to present before I hang up my gloves. I took a few lessons from the past and now as we part ways, only one question remains: Who is next in line to the throne?


Hold the phone!

Hello, is it key you looking for? Ah, it’s you again John. Couldn’t hear you from the other side, my phone is toying with me. If I hit the pottery I’ll get a new one and gear up!

John, when you said “Freeze!”, I was like Oops!…I did it again. Sorry I can’t seat, have to deliver my toys to the keyds, cause I don’t want to feel their wreath. You’re right about the smoke, you should get that fireplace fixed!

Iron Workshop

Sorry to throw a wrench in your works, Jordan, but it seems like you’re just grinding gears over there. If you need to, feel free to blow off some steam or stop for repairs. I know this can be an exhausting competition. But I’m not screwing around anymore, so I’ll leave you in a puff of smoke as I barrel on towards the finish line!

Winterful Journey

Sorry, have just been catching up on all your back issues. A couple page turners, but the rest seem a bit below car. Wheel you wait, I’ve been fine-tuning my own countree scenery. I’m still in great farm, even reaching new peaks. So freeze be seated, and enjoy the snow!

The Inside Tour

Hey John, I’m LEPIN on the global market and moulding this part all kinds of ways. For orders hit me up on 555-40502!

Who You Gonna Call?

John, are we Goo? I’m not remotely interested in having any reef or coral with you. So I got you something, but there’s a ghost of a chance that you might not like it, a magazine again.

Rambo: Infinity Blood

It’s FIN for you alright. On this track there key be only one winning stallion and it’s the Italian. He’ll clip your rounds. Let me introduce you, John, this is John, John, John.

Horsin’ Around

Water you mean, run?! Wild horses couldn’t make me desert this challenge. Despite your speeder, I’m alwaves the one making a splash. And I’m shore to keep submitting builds packed with fin detail. I would ask ‘Why the long face’, but it’s quite clear you need kelp.

Collecting the Bounty

You can run, but you can’t hive…

Boss Level

I got offended for 8-bit, cause you didn’t liked my snakers. Don’t worry I’m super hived right now, only few moves to victory!

The Hive

Watch your step, you don’t want to disturb this nest. Plus you should select more practical footwear, cause we’re taking this contest to all new depths. Hopefully you don’t cave in under the pressure – hive seen it happen to people before! Meanwhile, I’ll keep lighting up this round!

Sneak Peak

John, here at Air Dankos we put our heart and sole in every new model, so you can Play Well, play better. What’s your number so I can send you a pair?

Mark 2

Hey man, I feel bad about yesterday. The heart thing was just a joke, I do have one, here’s the proof. If you’re a good copper, you’ll figure this one out too! Here’s a tip: S/N: S06R04

There’s no place like home

You’re absolutely right about the spectacle – it’s a magical thing. And yes I’m cold, missing a heart, but worry not, I’ll be sending you home. Setting this stage was a no-brainer for me, but hey, don’t get discouraged!

The Master Plan

Just a spur of the moment build, but eye think it’s back to the drawing board for you Jordan. I’m crossing out the competition one by one. Or maybe they all quit cold turkey. This round has been a true spectacle, but I’m aiming to win by a lenslide and add another feather to my cap.

A Cut Above

Sorry, John, Stihl not impressed. It looks like you’re trying to sell us broken equipment. Personally, I like my tools to work. And please check the lumbers, the chance is 10:3 that I’ll be cutting you for wood!

The Irin Way

Your troll’s weapons looks very dull, he should branch out and invest in some new Irin gear! Likewise, your baby’s rover is cute, but it simply won’t cut it. Allow me to inject some real equipment. It can cut much more than a little cake, even chain mail stands no chains against this treemendous tool. Stumped what it could be? It’s The Irin Way.



I should’ve wait to post this on Saturday, but don’t want to biscuit. First time baking, but it was a piece of cake. I’m all over the place with the fixins too!

Day 1

Just chillin’ today, still got me from yesterday, but I’m reviewing the latest advent calendar! It’s sleigh-in’ (DAB!). The first build is stacked with awesomeness – 16 pieces, only two of them relatively rare.

First Steps

Hey John, do you remember your 7th build from your last round? I do, because I was there, even got it on Vidiyo – here’s a screenshot. I was little back then, already ahead of you, and doing wheelies. Also my 7th build. And this is how the rookie crumbles…you.

Trolling my way

Orcay John, I hear you, but now you got me hungry! Too sweet for my guy’s taste though, he is axeing if you have anything else on the menu. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll beheading North for sure!Trolling my way

Gingerbread House

Trod gingerly Jordan, your little trifles just won’t cut it! I know Iron Builder can be a chilling experience, but don’t let this season’s fowl weather freeze your enthusiasm. Maybe you would like some sweet treats to calm your nerves?

While you wing it, I’m cool and confident – I’ll make the most of this window of opportunity and keep baking up true eye candy.

I’m going nano, hermano!

John, if you give me your TRON, I will definitely keep your LEGOcy…but smaller!

Ready Player One!

I see how you rolli, trying to teal me with your gardens sentinel, but I’m ready for the cockfight! I’m beaking and with just one blow your warrior will fall aparts, ’cause everything is hanging by a thin thread. Game on!

Cerulean Sentinel

I’m no alien to this arena, if you think those lily walls will protect you from my epic warrior, you are soarly mistaken. Just leaf the puns to me, as my sentinel shields against any attack.

Wish You Were Here!

Little John, I don’t want to Robin you of your ironbuilderHood, but we missed you today. It was such a lovely day here at the Sherwood Forest.

Watch out!

John, it’s not about speed. It’s all about lurking in the shadows and going against the wind. There’s a best in here and a pray, so don’t tell me I didn’t toad you so!

Ride to the Sky

Hey John, just wanted to share an E.T. Bitty thing about me – this is my favorite movie! Rewind to this scene, it feels like a ride to the sky to me!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Toy Winder Key in dark orange. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! This round will come down to the wire!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 10 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion John Snyder or our challenger Jordan Jivkov?

Season 6 – Round 10 of Iron Builder
– starting November 27th!

Round 9 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who willcome out victorious!

Good luck to both our builders!

One for the History Books

Forget about the future, I’m making history! Like a kite, I’m sauring to claim your throne my bone. It’s im-fossil-able for you to win now. But, together, we will both go down in history!

Final Race

Time for the final sprint, Kit ! I hope your tank is still full enough to compete against my speeder bike. It was a close race, thank you for racing me to ever new top speeds !

Flower Bouquet

While you are still stuck in the depths of winter, I rose earlier and am now in the flower of my creativity. Seeing the disappointment on your vase, I brought you flowers to cheer you up.

Plowing a Path of Victory

Don’t try to build a pun about IKEA, it’ll take too long to put together. So close, yet sofa Elias – time waits for snow man. Icy your talent but I’m ploughing my way to victory by bridging clearing the way to build seven!


I kea less about any miles travelled, more about comfortable, soft armchairs to sit in after I’ve restored my title.

Headed Home after the Beach

Did that build tyre you out? Took you a while, hope you’re all refuelled? I respect your valar, but I’m miles ahead. As the surfer leaves the shore, I’m turning the tide with this round.

Ilúvatar’s Creations

While you work yourself up in valinor with your job and are treeted badly in the process, I have already arrived at the most beautiful place in the world.

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

While you’re being blind-ed by the night Elias, I’ve just gotten a promotion. Just check out my new office, I guess you were right about me soaring high – don’t give up your day job! Or could you not chair less about my success?

Micro Tirith

Drifting away? I see it that I’m heading for victory and the stars! I have been Tolkien about making this with the seed part since the first day. Perhaps Elessar builder would have abandoned the idea, but I persevered! And now your prospects of winning Ara-gorn!

Fading Dreams

I don’t wanna be too dark looking at the future, Kite, but I see your dreams of success flying away right now.

Kyoshi Warrior

I’m sorry, my warrior is not a big fan of your ballerina. There are warrious ways to the top, but only real champions fight for their victory and don’t dance around the swan.

The Victorious Survivor

Staying in the sun is probably a good idea, I’ve heard that warriors tend to freeze up on their second battle. I hope Japan-ic hasn’t gotten to you yet, because there’s snow time forest. It’s my time to shrine!

Iron Bay

The dawn breaks and I can’t sea you, Kit. Are you shore you can compete against an Iron Champion surfing the wave of victory?

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Panel 3x5 Solar / Deltoid with Clip in white. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! This round will come down to the wire!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 9 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Elias Hübner or our challenger Kit Nugent?

Season 6 – Round 9 of Iron Builder
– starting October 16th!

Round 8 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who will come out victorious!

Good luck to both our builders!

Iron Graves

Hey Benjamin, which of these graves do you want? While you were busy watching a movie, I was burying your chances at winning this round! Now if my memory isn’t too hazy, this is my 7th build, meaning that the contest is over! Thanks for watching everybody!

Unscheduled maintenance

Sorry I am late! Busy dealing with some “engine trouble” one my way back from my beach house! It was nice of you to send a boat to try to find me, but you seem to have forgotten the rescue part of your rescue mission!

The movie wasn’t so hot

You still there Grant? I guess my ship didn’t reach you in time. But the movie is just about over, so it’s time to wake up. I’ll drive you home, buddy.

A drop of Nelson’s blood wouldn’t do us any harm

Since I haven’t heard anything from ye, Grant, I can only assume yer reception is bad indeed! Aaargh ye ok? No worries, I’ll just send me ship by yer little shack to rescue ye. For meself, I see only smooth sailing from here on out.

Can you hear me now?

How’s the reception out there on your rock? I’ve got five bars, here. And since this is my ninth build, I’m just out relaxing with my oldest son. I hope you’re not stressing too much, with several more builds towering over you!

Life On The Rocks

You think you’re cool because your Jeep can climb over rocks? Silly Benjamin, I LIVE on the rocks. Prepare to sleep with the fishes!

(Also those tears are tears of JOY!)

Robots make poor life choices

I’m getting ready to clean up this competition with my 51-MO/CS robot. Fairly certain those are Grant’s tears on the floor of Bay 51…

Crossing the Rubicon

Beetles are cool, but it takes a Jeep to cross the mountains. I think I can see your chances of victory dwindling far off on the horizon, Grant, but it’s so small from up here. Better start climbing, or are you like a bicycle and too tired?

The Blue Beetle Brigade

That’s great Benjamin, but you aren’t going to have any wood to use if you don’t first deal with this insect infestation! Now quit bugging me and get back to building.

Every builder needs a garage

No wonder you have been so slow at building – you’ve been lounging about and watching the birds! I’ve been out working in the shop, making some sawsome builds.

A Modern Study

Why don’t you have a seat and take some time to think about how to step up your game. Personally, I will be climbing to victory!

The Legolex Sand Collection

Thanks for watching, folks! It is now time to hear a word from one of our premier sponsors, the Legolex Sand Collection by everyone’s favorite luxury watch company!

The Old Mill

If your tortoise is thirsty after all that walking, he can feel free to mill around in my pond. But I hope you’re not feeling the grind, yet, Grant!

Oh, and the water wheel is motorized and can spin. Check out the video.


Your last build left me a little shell-shocked! Not to worry though, mine is still in tact and heading slowly for the finish line.

Don’t tread on me

With all these creatures about, you had better tread carefully! You can tank me for the advice later. I’m gunning for victory here, myself.

The Experiment

No sleeping over here! Just trying to contain a monster far more deadly than a snake!

The Blue Sand Viper

Sssssstill sssssssleeping, Grant? Better watch your ssssssstep, you might get bit!

Eiffel Tower

And with one last towering achievement, this round comes to an end.

Thanks for an awesome competition Jonas! It’s been a fun month. You are an incredibly talented builder and I was privileged to compete against you. Now let’s both enjoy some well earned sleep 🙂

Need a Straw?

This is the last straw…. or is it?


Time to work out for the last little bit!

Initiate Hyperspace Jump!

Hold on for after the jump!

X-34 Striker

Zoom Zoom, Pew Pew!

Safety First!

Don’t fall over yet, there’s still more to come

Back and Forth

The ball’s firmly in your court and it’s going to stay there

The Jolly Blacksmith

Because I’m about to beat you over the head


My tune is still ringing and I’m still singing


Because I’m going to wash you away with my slew of builds.

Fire! Fire!

Sure have! Now if you’re all done then, let the barrage begin!

Room between the IronBuilders

Ever thought of that we are part of something bigger?

GIGABYTE G4M-XPZ Motherboard

Neither am I, in fact, I’m just getting started.

Photos taken yesterday – I guess that great minds think alike 😉

ASUS P9X79-E WS – Motherboard

You might want to look for extra processing power, I’m not slowing down.

Fishing Rod

After tomorrow we can go fishing and leave this all behind.

Steampunk Brass Bug

*blare of a trumpet*

One day left to let off steam.


You know the drill.

One more view.

What’s Brewing?

Only a couple days left Jonas and I’m brewing up something special just for you.

VW Dune Buggy

No snow on the dune today.
But seems like you are snowed in.

Snowed In

I sure hope that you’re not snowed in


You may have balls, but are you ready for the final ride?

LotR Pinball

One does not simply tease his way into Iron Builder. But I’ve got balls.

Here you can see more details and a video of the functions.

Tread Carefully

Posting teasers again? You’d better tread carefully….

MP4-29 Mixer

And I’m listening to the best beats

Pizza Surprise

Enjoying the best pizza in the galaxy.

Cloud 9

That’s OK, I’m sitting on cloud nine. How about you?

Ready for a Carrera race?

Your gun won’t help you when you lose track of me.


You’ll have to try harder than that. This time, I do in fact have the bigger gun 😉


Nice try with that Iron-Build-Inator.

Sector AT.10

I think that my gang can deal with any monsters you might have up your sleeve.

Study Time

You might want to start taking some notes, Jonas.


The only survivor huh? It looks like someone just dropped the ball.

The Survivor

You’re a pretty bad scientist, you wasted the whole planet.
But I’m the only survivor.

And a picture of his back.


Stand back! I’m going to try science!

Water Lilies

Just stay in your hole then, I rather enjoy the lovely scenery.

Forbidden Fortress

My fortress is impenetrable!

Under The Sea

I’m swimming with the fishes instead!

Aren’t you a little small for this throne?

If you choose to live with the bugs, I’ll stay here.

Bugging Out

Am I bugging you yet?


That’s nothing to write home about. Holes are not my type anyway.


I’m going to punch some holes through you!

I found a key!

Creativity is key.

Toasted Knight

You disturbed my sleep! I shall roast you, you little Tim can!

I Want to Touch It

I brought some balloons just for you!

Strike From Above

You’d better watch out below, it’s crazy what kinds of things can come from the sky.


I knew it was time to get working!


Your time has come!

Grab and Go

Watch out, or I’ll grab you from behind!

Are You Thinking what I’m Thinking?

I’ve got a nuke!

District 9 Exosuit

I’ve got the bigger guns!

Prepare for Termination

Because you’re about to be terminated!

What’s Your Fortune?

I’ve seen your fortune Jonas, and it isn’t very good.

Architecture – London Eye

I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel but the view up here is amazing.


Time to make the chimi-f*cking-changas!

Fire Truck

I don’t know about you, but I’m on fire.

A Challenger Approaches

‘Tis but a scratch, my good sir. No tears here.

International Space Station

Good for you. Nobody can hear you cry in space.

What’s Cooking?

Let’s skip the haggling, shall we? I’d much rather get cooking instead.

Boba Fett

There’s a price on your head and I’ve come to collect.

Church Organ

Can’t hear you. But better start praying!

Don’t You Fret

My bricklink order might not have arrived yet, but I’ve still got some new tunes to sing.

The Rainbow Fish

Careful carrying that safe across the dock, or you’ll end up sleeping with the fishes.

Is it secret? Is it safe?

You keep them coming if you must. I already have a safe that’s full and just waiting to be opened.

LEGO Factory Kornmarken in Billund

I’ll just keep them coming. I’ve got a warehouse to fill.

PotC – Governor Swann

After two days of birthday party I’m back to bust you!

I Can’t Hear You

I think you were trying to say something, but for some reason I can’t hear you.


There’s no where on the seven seas that you can go where I can’t catch you.

Bon Voyage!

I don’t sea any new builds from you. Where’d you go?

Oil Rig

I’ve still got more than enough oil in the tank. How about you Jonas?


You know what they say, don’t bring a skeleton to a gun fight.

Museum of Natural Science

I have a bone to pick with you!

Choo Choo!

Looks like it’s time to blow off some steam.

Ready to Plunder

Well you might have to wait a while, I’ve taken to the air.

Transforming Viking from Starcraft 2. Check out the transformed version

StarCaft2 Siege Tank – Siege Mode

Got no patience for sitting around. It’s BOOM time!”

Here you can see further shots of the tank mode and how it transforms.

Teddy Bear Picnic

I’d rather say that it’s been a picnic.

Lets light this up!

This looks like a piece of cake so far.

May the blow-dryer be with you!

Sounds like nothing but hot air!

I blow-dried first.

Wild Ride

Oh, I’m more than ready for a wild ride.

Mad Max – Desert Bike

That fancy watch won’t help you in the wasteland. Wouldn’t want to win this just because you got lost in a tiny sandstorm.

Take a look at the other side.

Time’s Up

Too bad your time’s up. I think you’d better run.

Bright Prospects

Sorry, had to get my binoculars first to spot your entry.

War of the Worlds

Watching and waiting is fun and all, but it’s time for war!

Tools of the Trade

Exploring not building? Well I suppose how you spend your time is up to you. Either way we’ve both got a lot of work ahead of us. Good thing I brought the right tools for the job.

Planetary Rover

Jonas to earth: “Just landed. Its a bit chilly here on planet IB-4_8, and totally deserted. Seems like I made it here first, lets see if there’s any competition around. I’ll hop back into my rover and go exploring.”

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Technic, Pin Connector Round 2L with Slot in sand blue. 

Wish them luck! Lets see if there’s a silver lining!

Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 4 – Round 8 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Tim Schwalfenberg or our challenger Jonas Kramm?

Season 4 – Round 8: Of Typewriters and Terminators

Looking back at the eigth round of Iron Builder Season 4 – from February 2016.

Originally hosted in the Iron Builder Group on flickr.

The Bluesand Construction Company

Hey Grant, what are you doing, sleeping on the jobsite? We’ve got building to do.

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Vehicle, Spoiler 2 x 4 with Bar Handle in sand blue. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 8 of Iron Builder!

Grant is returning for the third time – will it be his last?

Who will win? Our defending Iron Champion Grant Davis or our challenger Benjamin Stenlund?

Season 6 – Round 8 of Iron Builder
– starting June 5th!

Round 7 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who will claw their way to victory…

Good luck to both our builders!

Temple of the Sun

Well Moko, it looks like the sun is finally setting on our round! You have been a worthy opponent!

I hate to shut the door on your chances Moko, but there’s only space for one iron builder here!

Video of the function.

Time Bomb

I’ve been trying all kinds of new builds lately, so I figured I’d make something right up my alley! I better quit stalling though, I have some builds to finish!


Im really branching out with this one! Soaring to new heights on my flight to victory!


Are you curious about what this red button is? Try pressing this button!

Energy Core

Pacific Rim


Baby Bridge

This next week is about to be quite the ride, so take a seat and enjoy the show!


The Coral Castle

I know my puns are pretty subpar, hopefully they don’t sink my chances!


Hi Jake! Greetings have been delayed, but thank you for your cooperation.


Hey Moko, wake up and quit that dino-snoring, we’ve got an Iron Builder to do!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Crane Grab Jaw with Axle and Pin Hole in orange. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 7 of Iron Builder!

Two new challengers for an empty throne – this will be fun!

Who will win? Our Master of Mechs Moko or our whimsical wizard Jake Hansen?

Season 6 – Round 7 of Iron Builder
– starting May 1st!

Round 6 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide who’ll be crowned Shield Marshal!

Good luck to both our builders!

Medieval Market

Your prospects look rather bleak, why don’t you come to this lively market and enjoy a brighter view? I’ll meet you there – I just gotta pick up my trophy.

With a View

Time to finish fencing off and bridge our differences. I’ve been looking for a nice place to spend some time relaxing, found this one with a nice view.

Iron Tools

Better watch out where you’re headed – you don’t have the tools to repair any mishaps. Your direction ain’t bad but you lack the iron, builder!

Blue Shelled

Karting my way to victory, better not stand in the way or you’re about to get blue shelled! Driving you crazy yet? Woohooo!

Seed Part Monster

Your monster bawls for cookies !!


These waters are dangerous alright, but there is always a bigger fish in the pond! Thanks for the deliciousss snack.

Don’t Swim With the Big Fishes

You are swimming in dangerous waters, Cecilie! Better you coral your thoughts, before I fish my way to victory.


Once you’ve run out of tolkiens to play your game, come relax in my shire. Don’t make it a hobbit though, we’ve got an Iron Builder to finish!

Classic Space Arcade

Your maid can totally continue cleaning under my lounger so I can keep blasting you into space with my builds.

Robo Maid 2031

While you’re busy keeping a big house like that clean, I’m mopping the floor with the competition.

Sunset View

Your childhood dreams are too small for this competition. Make sure you don’t get roasted while you take a time-out in my garden!

Iron Builder in the Making

Looks like the desert is making you hallucinate. The heat is irrelephant when I’m bringing out the kid in me.

Bluetiful Temple

While your tiny lander got lost in some deserted place, i cleared some space for my bluetiful Temple. I’d say you pack your gear and crash here but I’m afraid you can’t handle the heat!

Classic Space Lunar Lander

Iron Builder has landed, I’m ready to explore this new seed piece, but we seem to be missing a part of the crew, don’t be a procrastonaut Elias, and get out here!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Large Figure Part Shield Holder with Axle in blue. 

Now our two contestants have 16 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! Let’s see them have a shield day!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 6 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Cecilie Fritzvold or our challenger Elias Hübner?

Season 6 – Round 6 of Iron Builder
– starting April 4th!

This round runs until…

Round 5 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of the judges to decide if it did indeed come down to the wire!

Harvestman – Plague Mech: Amalgam

It would seem the flies around your trashy build have caught the attention of a sinister spider. I’d leg it before you to fall prey to this mechanical monstrosity, the harvestman is here to reap.