The Green Dragon

I don’t want the competition to drag on, so let’s get some entries going! Expectations are sky high for this round, I hope my first creature won’t turn you green with envy! I know it’s in theme, but we can’t build as slow as turtles, so let’s get going!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Koopa Shell in green. 

Now our two contestants have 15 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 7 – Round 1 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Gerrit Gottschalk or our challenger Sandro Quattrini?

Season 7 – Round 1 of Iron Builder – starting May 18th!

Round 18 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!

Remixing a Classic

Sounds familiar? I pulled the switches for the final track. Me winning this with a groovy remix is not an IF scenario! Kermit’s back and he’s not alone, because, you know, the real Iron Builder is the friends we made along the way <3.

Rodian Lord

My builds were hidden gems a year ago, now they’re simply brilliant. You’re going back to the frogs, but let’s remember how this round actually kicked off: I shot first!

The Frog Room

I might be tired, but I haven’t croaked yet! I still had room for a final build, and it holds the key to my success! The frogs left the bridge and what an adventure they had! Thanks for following along!

Street Monster

That’s too kind. Such a nice meal surely helps when you’re low on HP, so I don’t have any need. I just hope you’ve not become tired yet.


I’d love to roast you but I’ll give you a break. I’m thankful for a warm holiday meal shared with friends. So enjoy this turkey, I’m sure you’ll eat it right up!


Shoetime: It’s over, Eli. I have the high ground! You have to admit, my shit’s absolute killer!

NoseGoes and the Galactic Gig

Not to be nosey but what are you up to? I’ve gone ahead and booked your facility for a concert, hopefully my music isn’t too alien! Ope, I hear my name, it’s time to take the stage!

The Car Poster

Phew, Iron Building takes a certain kind of drive ! I highly recommend tree-ting yourself to a walk outside, mine was very illuminating today. Maybe have some ice-cream for extra fuel. 🙂

Star Mining Facility

Reached for the stars yesterday. Today, I’m mining them! Brought some bottles and glasses, as I will only toast my victory!

Space Jam Station

I’ll keep my head out of the clouds for now, I need a little more space! Hope this build doesn’t put you in a jam I’ve heard it said if you don’t reach for the stars you’ll be toast!

The Bounty’s Companion

If I’d ever fall as snow on someone’s MOC, it’d surely be yours <3 . But, unfortunately, your weathered puns can’t reach me here. I have the clout, still traveling these lands on top!

“It’s not easy being a green watering can”

Tis the season to give gifts! I am Kermit-ed to defeating you, with a wreath! Much like the snow, you’ll soon be falling!

The Blademaster

You sure need a microscope to find the seed parts in there! Mmmh, I smell yet another frog. You dare to challenge the ORCtober Champion? I’ll finish you off, one stab at a time. My shoulders are strong enough to carry this game on my own!

A Closer Look

If your cactus gets knocked over by a rush of air, that’s just me zooming past! For science let’s take a closer look at this seedpart. Don’t stare too long, your chances might become microscopic!


Potted Cactus

Shooting water at me just makes me stronger! As you can see, the use of many watering cans will grow you a truly impressive cactus. Scared, Potter?

Iron Bubble Blaster

Surprise attack! I’m having a blast! Not to burst your bubble, but I thought I’d pop back in here for a bit more fun 🙂

The Cactus Caretakers

That is nice! But let’s get to the point, time to serve up some just deserts! There will be no Cact-us at the end of this, only Cact-i!


Cute! Whatever these frogs are staring at, it must be a true eye-catcher! I might seem cocky, but I’m just seeking attention

Frogs Below the Bridge

What a toadally tasty treat! I hope you aren’t unhoppy, but one is much safer at my pad! This is just the start, I’m bridging my way to success!


Look, you’re confronted with pillars again! You shouldn’t skip Leg Day, as it’s still a long way to go. Think I could stay more down to earth But-I-fly!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Watering Can in lime green. 

Now our two contestants have 15 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 18 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Eli Willsea or our Iron Forge challenger Gerrit Gottschalk?

Season 6 – Round 18 of Iron Builder – starting November 11th!

Round 17 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!


Hey Duncan, I did this one just to scratch it out! I would miss IB a lot, so one final look, deep breath, but no fire. It was a tremendous pleasure to cross blades with you! Thank you!

Don’t Tomte me

I needed that ‘roof to see if you were naughty or nice! Now you’re gettin’ all the toys, even before that hand lands on 21. I mean 12…And you should be grateful it’s not smoking, I’d never go in otherwise.

The Clock is Ticking

The end (of the round) will be here before we know it. So many ideas, so little time… Are you Gallifrey-d of judgement?

Some dads give their kids Legos

Boy, those horns look hella sharp… Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you filed them down? Excuse me though, this is a no-smoking area!

Tomte’s Gnomestead

Your space age marvels may seem fancy, but they’re gnome-atch to a quiet, humble life… While you were making deals with the devil, I decided to drop some pastries off at a friend’s. I would have stayed longer but there wasn’t mushroom to build at his place!

Flying Solo

Hey man, what are your plants? Building something big like a rocket or something? Those previous builds must’ve been only a camouflag.

Out of the ruins

I know that We Don’t Need Another Hero, but this one is a real head Turner, cat you see?

Oh Snap!

Wait! I found one of my hands, unfortunately not the one with the treasures. I do have hermit to use it, I’m an Iron…maaan, you know what – I’m enjoying this round too much!

Old News

You have to wander no more, it’s just a Tile 2 x 2 with Groove with Map Blue Water, Yellow Land, Black Ship, Compass Rose, White Skeleton Head and Red ‘X’ Pattern, available in 26 sets. This is what I found with a quick search dough-nut enough time on my hands right now.

Message in a bottle

I decided to take a little vacation to the beach after all! Glad I did, because this little crustacean led me to a message in a bottle. Don’t be crabby though, if it’s a map to buried treasure I promise not to be shellfish!

They see me rollin’, They hatin’

Arcade you not, I’d be a Chamillionaire if I got a bug for every time someone tilted their head at me.

I *lick * that car, but I’m gonna stick with this till the very end. I’ve branched out a bit from my usual genres, fortunately I can focus on a couple things at once!

Spoiler Alert!

Quite the contrary, this is a piece of art! And as an artist I’m no one-hit wonder, I hit multiple times. Come the Weeknd, you’ll be blinded by the lights…tail lights that is.

What a piece of junk!

Killer clowns? Ugh, keep ’em far, far away from me… Like, maybe in another galaxy!

Penny for your thoughts

Word to the wise, there’s something scarier in that sewer! Not your float though, you have to give IT the right stab.

Hero on the half-shell

Cowabunga! A beach party sounds pretty radical. Maybe we’ll even see some turtles!

Flip or Flop

Hey man, after this week IB chillin’ on the beach, everything is packed already. Chair up, you will finally have that time to sort!

Funny you should ask

I don’t have a Clu actually, you can try Quorra. If I had to do it now though, I would’ve done it differently. And yes, I do wanna race!


So, you wanna race? Quick question, though: How’d you get your shrink ray to go all the way to nano? I can only seem to get mine to go down to micro.

Blades of Glory

That’s the spirit! But let’s put things back into perspective – 9 is ok, but #1 is better. I have a guy here ready to try, but like your Skitsune, there’s more than meets the eye.

Forest Spirit

Don’t think you’ve outfoxed me yet! If shootin’ and stabbin’ won’t work, I’ll try bonk-ing you over the head!

Bridging the Gap

All that creed, your assassins are relentless. Anyway, it’s so peasant to know you are always thinking of me! Unfortunately, I’m joust not there – this is my double. I went to my other castle to get some quiet, before Brickscalibur.

Curtains for the monarchy

That’s not a knife… This is a knife!

Cutting Bonds

It was nice meeting your Swiss Army Wife, she was definitely dressed to kill. Let me introduce you to mine – Knocks…Victory Knocks. With all dead things laying around I think you have a real shot at taxidermy, so here’s my gift to you.


All that fancy gadgetry won’t save you Jordan, I’ve got a license to build and I’m not afraid to use it! Better watch your back, because I’m gunnin’ for you this round!

The Inthertship

Something shady is going on here and I don’t think that bunny was hit by a truck, it looks completely floored. I just hope he’s not stuck in the Lindbo.

Lunchtime with the beaky boys

I’ll be honest, it’s only 5 days and I already feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. But somehow, I’m sure I’ll find the will to carrion, no matter how grisly this round gets!

A friendly face

Hey man, are you hAngry for more? No ties in Iron Builder and yet I made 2 so far (same shirt too). I’m not trying to ORChestrate the show, just to put some fire builds out there.


Duncan, are you trying to cyberpunk me? You can slide or spinner-ound, but that’s the po-pos, so not a sound. #YONHO

Akira Bike Slide

DANKOOOOOO!!! Sorry, I’m not sure why I’m shouting. I guess these past few builds have got me feeling really anime-ted!

Another collectable?

Don’t you know I collect chainsaws…man. Check the statistics. Stihl, my collection is too big, so this one will be on sale from October 15th on Creations for Charity’s website.

Chainsaw go brrrr

What’d you say? Sorry, couldn’t hear you, I had my earplugs in! I’ll admit, I was a little stumped when I first saw the seed part… So I cleared my schedule to think, and woodn’t you know it, I was able to come up with a few ideas myself!

Not shelf ready!

Duncan, sorry, but I found some bugs in your mech. I hope these will give you some IDEAS how to fix it, may be even get you in the 10K Club.

“Iron Lancer” IB series 2, D-type

Aw, geez, that was my only one! Bot that’s okay, I guess I’ll mecha do with something else to illustrate my points…

Quick Sketch

I’m no Picasso, but a promise is a promise. Sorry I took one of your pencils!

The King of the World?

If we’re playing, I think rock beats scissors any day. And yes, I am all about crafts, how about I draw you a Rose, Jack?

Arts and Crafts

That’s a cute fish Yordan! He looks a little lonely though… Maybe he’d be happier if he returned to his school? But not to worry, I’ve got just the tool to cut that line and set him free!

Baited in sunlight

Hey Duncan, I want to give you a worm welcome – the iron way. I guarantee you will get hooked!

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Technic Rotor Blade in red. 

Now our two contestants have 15 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 17 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Jordan Jivkov or our challenger Duncan Lindbo?

Season 6 – Round 17 of Iron Builder – starting October 7th!

Round 16 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!

Closing entry! It was a great round and I think we both made a good job. We animated each other to leave our comfort zones and we have always gifen our best. Now it’s time for the judges to decide, who of us will catapult himself on the Iron Throne.

Try to make up for a bit of sleep deprivation, re-sort your parts collection and most importantly: recover a bit from the stress!

Iron Carousel

Justus, it’s been an amusing journey, but I have one last build to park here. Your last build shows you have been training hard! In my estimation this has been a fair (merry go) round!

All heard the loud bell, on the Iron Carousel,
It tolled to announce the round was done
And let the challengers rest while the sun
Was still up for both had stayed
Up far too late for their builds to be made


Terminus, Joe! It’s been a long, sometimes arduous trip, but I think we’ve had a tramendous time, right? However, time flies and it’s time for us to get off (s)now. Thanks to all who watched and to you, Joe, for this wonderful Iron Builder round!

Sea Serpent

You will need more than a puny idol to save you from my devouring serpent! I plan to steer a straight path to victory and not slither about. I plan to stay the (vi)king on the throne!

The Idol

Idoln’t know how your Constraction MOC is doing, but you better hurry up with it. Remember: We only god three days left!

Vantastic RV [Working Suspension]

Nice wagon, but for traveling I prefer this vantastic RV! I know, the seed part usage isn’t very obvious at first glance so I recarded a short video to demonstrate the working seed part suspension!

Wagon Ride

This round has been a wild ride! I’ve had enough horsing around and wanted to get moving. Can you handle the heat or will you desert this competition?


Hey Joe, I hope my lizard doesn’t saddle you with pressure but I think we had a deal to both build a Constraction MOC this round, right? You know what you gotta duo now!

Walk in the Park

Happy Birthday Justus! Sorry I couldn’t leaf you alone today. I hope your celebrations don’t make you fall behind. You will need to build a little faster if you want to bridge the gap between us.

IB Tattoo

What can I say bud, I got the IB under my skin 😀

Final build for this crazy round 😉

Concert Grand

You keep posting your funny little coocoo builds, I’m done :p
Here’s my Grand Finale, hope you all enjoyed the show!

Tex Avery

I’m coocoo for foil part!!! nah just kidding 😛

Monarch Butterfly

There are lots of butterflies like this one 😛

Micro IB Shrine

I found the light buddy!!! It all happened in that secret shrine 😉

Challenger trap

Carefull my friend, I smell a trap 😛

Lift off!

send him to space, that outta sort out whatever problems you have with him.

Robin Foil

I was gonna hang with Robin Foil but he is such a fraud so I think I might join you for a cup of coffee 😀


I prefer to relax with a good cup of coffee actually :p

Feel free to join me!


Soon we will be able to spend some zen time 😉


Well it’s gonna be checkmate for one of us pretty soon 😛

Teeny Tiny Cho Cho!

Only a day or two to go, gotta keep on chugging away :p

Snap it!

Well I’m a hipster, what can I say. Check out my clothes 😀
(another bonus build 😉 )


While your mind is focused on petty things like birds nests, I’m occupying myself with something a bit more intellectually challenging 😉

Stork nest

Ok back to smalk 😛
Well my plane still runs like a charm and while up in the air, I made a new buddy:

Mitutoyo probe measuring a brick

Sorry no smalk on this one, just a bonus build for fun 😉

Dimetrodon Fossil

Can that thing still fly? looks old, my old thing is older though!
if it can’t, forget the air, you might be joining this guy down in the ground ;P

Fly away

I’m not going to stick around this guy, I’m going up in the air in that bi plane 😉

Venus Piranha Flytrap

Awesome, you need to be awake and alert when you’re around this guy :p

IB Taser

Here is something that will wake you up for sure 😀

T-70 X-wing

There has been an awakening Jimmy, have you felt it?

Bumper cars

Don’t you like bumper cars??? 😛


Note: Unfortunately this creation was deleted by David.

Mini Fair

Ya well I got something more fun than chemestry 😛 , a FAIR!!!

Building Blocks of Building Blocks.

Here’s a painless build for ya Jimmy 😉


Nope!!! My body doesn’t feel any pain!! 😀


Crazy man? we’ve been building like machines!
do your joints need a spot of oil yet?

Meooowhat the…..!

Well I don’t have all the time in world either, I’m trying my best to build whenever I can 😉 It is frentic that’s for sure, look at my cat’s face when he sees me building like a crazy man 😀


Sorry for my lack of opposition Jimmy, busy time of the year :s I’ll get back home to building tomorrow afternoon, I guess time is a luxury not everyone can spare 😉


I’ll just get a little cocktail while I wait for your return my friend 😉
Just a little bonus build 😀

Lets play arcades!

Come on David, lets play a bit! 😀

Voodoo Doll

I’ve got a back up plan in case things go south 😛

Got TP?

Here is a more modern and friendly interior. GOT TP? 😛

Crank that gramophone!

Whoever designs your furniture seriously needs to think of something new, first a spiky cupboard, now a spiky chair… not that I can talk I guess, most of my music gear is apparently outdated –

Still has class though!

Iron Builder Throne

I see what you mean but I know that you want my throne and I’m gonna fight to keep it 😛

Aaron the Angry Angley Angler Fush

I thought you saw the light already, this is a friendly match, no need for exterminations…
do you need a reminder?

Christmas Dalek

I’ll enjoy even more after my Christmas Dalek as eliminated you 😛


Enjoying the ride Jimmy?

Iron Microchip

I just got a new microchip, so far my circuit board is holding out, maybe you should consider an upgrade?


Too many builds, the circuit burned out, I gotta repair it 😛

Move! I got a better idea!

Ya well this guy wants more than just a slice, he wants the whole enchilada. LOL 😛

I is a Narwhal!

That’s a swell looking cake Jimmy 😀
This cute little guy wants a slice!

Happy Birthday!!

Just a little build for celebrating the birthday of my good friend Pistash 🙂

Bumble Brush

Well since you have long bushy hair just like me, you might need a good hairbrush to groom yourself before applying for jobs 😉

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Sorry mate, trust me my break wasn’t spent lazing around, I went and applied for jobs, and had the first of many end of year Christmas shindigs :p Here’s a tiny build back at ya! quick entry for my lug event tomorrow.

Old Singer

Judging by the old metronome you’re using, I bet you still use one of those:

Battle on high seas

You can’t have a break when you’re in the middle of a battle 😛
Just a tiny build for the fun of it!! 😀

Stand out in the crowd

Well I’m sure you can see me from up there since I tend to stand out in the crowd 😛

Sputnik 1

It’s a fantastic view from up here… But I’m seeing blues and greens, not much red mate!

Red scent

No efforts on my side, this round is like a walk in the park for me 😛 oh and look what I picked up for you in the park, a RED flower cause RED is what you’re gonna see!!! 😀

Dear Jimmy

Your efforts are pointless Jimmy! Circular even, no points whatsoever 😉
My compass on the other hand is very pointy…

Tick tick tick tick….

You’re a bit off bro, would you like to borrow this?

One, two….one, two, three, four!!!

Here, let me give you the rhythm:
“One, two….one, two, three, four!!!”

0 Watt ABS Ornamental Amplifier

To be perfectly honest, you game doesn’t look very fun… how about some music we can both enjoy?

Iron Maiden

I have a stingy game for you, it’s called “get inside!” 😛

Darts anyone?

Doesn’t look like there’s much to do on that island… once you’ve finished pumping up your floats (and maybe your leg) why don’t you come ashore and join me for a game?

“Sacre rouge!!”

This is my IB island and I plan to to fight to the death to keep it!! “Arrghh Sacre bleu!!”

Pump it up!

That X-wing is a bit small, maybe you should pump some air into it to make it bigger 😛

“This is Red Five, I’m really tiny”

The only good war is Starwars! or even better, really tiny cute Starwars!

Field of War

Well the only lights you’ll see is the ones from explosions cause it’s WAR!!! 😛

Microscale is fun!

You’re searching for the light?

Ceci n’est pas une ampoule. (This is not a light bulb.)

Your spider is creepy and dark so why don’t you let me light it up a bit 😛

Insy Winsy Spider…

I’m sending over a little robotspider to hook you up with some new channels bro!
And if he can’t do that, watch out cause he stings!

IBSA Satellite Project

The IB is the only show my satellite is broadcasting. Game on my friend 😀
(oki satellite build is out of the way :P)


Stop watching silly TV shows and get building Jimmy!

You may feel a slight pinch…

It would seam I failed to draw first blood…
Maybe I’ll try inject something instead 😉

Retro Television

First Blood!!!!!

Turn on your TV my friends, cause the showdown is about to start! 😀

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Minifigure, Weapon Sword, Foil in flat silver!

Pick up your swords gentlemen and prepare for the duel! The round will end in 3 weeks on 12/22, but it will be no less intense.

Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 4 – Round 7 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Jimmy Fortel or our challenger David Hensel?

Season 4 – Round 7: Of Pointy Things and Puns Galore

Looking back at Round 7 of Iron Builder Season 4 – from November 2015.

Originally hosted in the Iron Builder Group on flickr.

The time of judgement is upon us!

(In the words of Guy Himber:)

Our special judges ( thank you for taking time away from your Income Tax preparations ) have had an extremely challenger task placed before them. Two most-excellent builders have built their hearts out for the past month and are ready for your eyes to bathe in the glory of their MOCs!

Please welcome our esteemed judges for this round:

1. Tommy Williamson, blogger extraordinare and head honcho of BrickNerd

2. Joe Meno, editor of BrickJournal Magazine.

3. Alice Finch, builder extreme and mother of mice.

Me too. What a month! Thanks to you too Rod 🙂

I’m done. Thanks Kos – enjoyed it!

Return to Ace Chemicals…

And finally, a return trip to Ace Chemicals, but this time Joker’s cooking up a whole different scale of trouble…


What if I told you, your entire hospital experience is just an illusion?

IV Pole

“Oh heck! I got carried away! Remember guys follow the speed limit when riding your speeder!”


“My new ride!”

Portable Seismograph

“Then why am I detecting your fear here?”

Iron Mountain Dojo

I wasn’t eaten. In fact, the dragon taught me Kung Fu…


“I hope you’re not being eaten by that red dragon. Though as an introvert, I always prefer a getaway to stay at my home sweet home…”

Iron Mountain Guardians

And I made my getaway to a far-off land…


Sorry, got detained with real-world work this week. I had to make an escape plan…

Y-Wing Ship

…to join the Y-Wing squadron!”

Train Ticket Gate – Public Hour

…Ah! now it’s on public hour…

…I’ll be gone for a while now…

Train Ticket Gate – Closed

“Oh wait, the station is still closed…

Vintage Electric Switch

“One more week to go! Let’s turn this round on with the best of what we’ve got!”

Door Handle

“Haven’t seen you in ages, Rod! Did you drank that cocktail for yourself? Or are you opted out from this round?”

Walking Stick – A Hero

…and glory!”

Walking Stick – Up Movie

“9 more days to go! I’ll fight you to the end…

for love…

Hot Rod Exhaust

“Look what I found on that building garage! A not so Hot Rod anymore!”

Ace Chemicals

If you’re thirsty, I’m pretty sure Joker could mix you up a little cocktail…

Drinking Fountain

“Sure! But just thinking of that dry and red planet really makes me thirsty.”

UN-MEF Walkers Lewis & Clark

Do you mind if I borrow your podium? I need to make an announcement about the manned Mars landings…


“Home? Nah…I have a press con to attend, all I can say is let’s take extra care to follow what I’m building, or you’ll be put to sleep!” …Muahahaha…*Lord Business’ Evil Laugh

Divine Thunderstrike

And then, from out of the sun… DIVINE THUNDERSTRIKE!

Florence and her machine

All that wandering about in empty corridors. Maybe you need a lift home?


“About the Space-Age you did mentioned earlier. I prefer to take it up to another level!”

EARTH FORCE Project 88

You are not alone. Watch the skies…


…cause I’m bored working out alone here…sigh…”

Twin Door Handle

“I thought you might need this kind of door…

Airplane Cockpit

…with an airplane!”

Wind Vane

…well, talking about substantial, I think I prefer going where the wind blows…

Vintage Phone

“Ring…ring…ring….Ah! Glad you’re still here, I thought you have forfeited and runaway!…

Mk IV Automaton

I do like steampunk. It’s just I like my builds a little more substantial…

Jet Pack Futuristic

…how about a futuristic era?”

Jet Pack Steampunk

“Hey, I thought you like Steampunk…

El Dorado [GBC]

Your teasing will not get me off track, Joe! Today is my 18th birthday but I’ll stay on the ball: This competition got rolling one week ago so our round is halfway through already!

Violet Star

I’m gunning to keep my title and won’t leave any space on the throne. Don’t worry I’ll keep blasting out new builds at this pace till the end! Even if I run low on ideas, I can always wing it.

P.S. my First Order of business after Iron Builder needs to be buying a storm trooper since I couldn’t do your sig fig Justus

The Bakery

Your half-baked mockery will not make me see (b)red! So far this competition has been a piece of cake for me – you won’t upset me so easily, Joe!

Tree Frog

I seem to have leapt ahead of you in the build count! This is certainly a treet! While I’m enjoying branching out with new build styles you seem to have frogotten about this competition!

French Man of War

You may have thought you could make me jelly with your last build, but our friendship is only beginning! Your speed is putting more wind in my sails and I think you will sea I’m here to put up a fight!


Hey Joe, wanna sea my latest MOC or do you have other fish to fry? I took a deep dive into marine biology and discovered this wonderful “Semaeostona Lapidis” jellyfish.

An Exquisite Dinning Room

We can table discussions as to what I have been up to. I’ve been planning to pull the rug out from under you! You will need more than a balding king to dethrone me!

The Office

I spent the day working in on this office. What about you? Did you take a day off? Looks like you still have some room for improvement in terms of building speed!

The Crown

While you sirched for treasures, I have been working on a little poem, Joe. It’s about this “Game of Iron Builder Thrones”:

Oh, Iron Builder on your Throne,
Oh, king of power, widely known.
Don’t underestimate the danger,
Coming from a little stranger!

A builder, Justus, yet unknown,
Harbors ambitions for your crown!
Embrace your destiny my friend:
Your reign might now come to an end!

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle that is Iron Builder Justus! I hope this build doesn’t ruin your day, but these rounds can be pretty savage.

And the seed part is…

This round’s seed part is the Minifig Handcuffs in pearl gold. 

Now our two contestants have 14 days to come up with amazing and inspiring creations featuring this seed part. Wish them luck! They’ll better get cracking!

Who are you rooting for? Who will take it home? Whose builds reign supreme?

Only one way to find out! ALLEZ BRICK!

Welcome to Season 6 – Round 16 of Iron Builder!

Who will take home the crown?

Our defending Iron Builder Champion Joe Minieri or our challenger Justus Morgenthal?

Season 6 – Round 16 of Iron Builder – starting August 26th!

Round 15 is officially over!

It is now in the hands of our judges to decide who has won this round!

Good luck to both our builders!